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  1. I completed my CAMHS training in Leicester(East Midlands). It was very good and oncall now means covering all specialties as registrar on a combined rota. It means more opportunities for MHA assessments.
  2. courtesy Jack on superego cafe. find more answers in interview section: Why General adult psychiatry? 1. GAP is such a diverse specialty and we see a huge spectrum of mental health problems. I can use the skills that I have learnt from my subspecialty training like Forensic psychiatry, Liason, Old age, addictions, child and adolescent psychiatry, Learning disability etc. I also love the variety this specialty offers me. Not all specialties in psychiatry offer this opportunity. 2..As a Psychiatry trainee, I have spent much time in General adult psychiatry and I enjoyed working with patients with severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder , depression and personality disorders. In my --- years of experience in psychiatry I have gained so much knowledge and clinical skills to deal with this group of patients (general adult patients). So,I would like to stick to General adult psychiatry in which I have plenty of experience. 3. At the end of trainig it offers the young consultant an opportunity to choose from many different career pathways like inpatient or community and also opportunity to work in subs misuse, Liason, neuropsychiatry, rehab etc Within General Adult Psychiatry specialisation is developing. I also have special interest in ------------------------------------- Psychiatry and I believe a higher training in General adult psychiatry would give me an opportunity to gain more experience in ---------------------------------- 4. General adult psychiatry is one of the most challenging field within psychiatry and I love the communication challenge this specialty offers me. 5. Multidisciplinary work : The wide range of disorders and problems encountered necessitates close working with other agencies such as Social Services and the police and clear effective team working within the mental health field. More so than ever, the psychiatrist works as an integral part of the team. hope it helps!
  3. well nobody replied! what is wrong guys? anyways, I had my interview today and I had 2 separate stations for commitment to specialty.
  4. Hi, I am really confused and wondered if anyone can help me. I have been shortlisted in both CAMHS and LD and have interview on the same day. In station 2 where I have to talk about commitment to specialty, what am I supposed to do? Any help will be appreciated. Regards.
  5. Is it worth applying for any lat ST4 posts? there are none advertised at present though!
  6. I have passed CASC in my second attempt and I gave this attempt 200%. I went to SPMM course, Leicester course and Cambridge course, did group preparation and individual preparation and spent a lot of time going over and over again revising past exam stations. My advise is to try and try again!
  7. I believe we are all very anxious and waiting impatiently for the results to be published. Best of luck every one!
  8. SPMM is very good but Cambridge course is best in my opinion.
  9. Hi, I have heard that oxford course is not good. They give you constructs for actors which are very much similar to real exam stations. It is quite illorganised and number of candidates is high. If you want to do a course, I will advice you to do SPMM course, Cambridge course and Leicester course. I did the mentioned courses and found them really useful.
  10. Thank you so much for the effort!really appreciate it!
  11. Hi is anyone interested in forming a CASC study group in Leicester. Please email me and we can arrange to form a study group.
  12. I failed the station on describing Antidementia medication. I described Donepizil and I gave the relative information about possible side effects, increasing the dose and review etc. How has any one else done it?
  13. I thought we should start discussing the stations we failed as we can learn from others who passed those stations and work on our deficiencies. Any one interested?
  14. Dear Ophadece, There is an excellent book by Albert Michael which contains loads of EMIs. It is divided into charters and excellent for Paper 1,2 and 3. ask your librarian and I am sure you will find it in your hospital library.
  15. are you interested in this swap?