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  1. count me in as wellllllllll
  2. I think you did really well.There would be a few things that all of us would miss,it again depends on the examiner as to what they want really.Keep your fingers crossed.
  3. wanted to know the score bcoz when someone scored 12 in longcase how much is needed in pmp's to pass as people keep saying different numbers.
  4. how much did u score in pmp's.
  5. sometimes it is difficult to know what they are looking for
  6. sorry i was thinking of lithium not valproate,hair loss with curly regrowth.In BNF it says menstrual disturbances(rarely),hirsutism(very rarely)
  7. by the way what are you doing so early in the morning.
  8. I hate it because ultimately you have to fail someone and i can understand how traumatic it can be to lose an exam.
  9. did u mention hypothyroidism as one of the side effects as this is more common in women.I think u did well when the examiner coughed upi dont trhink u could do anything else.
  10. i spoke of midlife crisis and the asked me what it was.I told approaching menopauserelationship problems,financial difficulties etc.I forgot to mention word morbid jealousy but spoke about all dd's.They asked how i will involve family .I told i will take consent from her and involve during assesement or management as part of MDT.Examiner kept asking how else and i did not know.Finally he asked how i would reduce risk to husband.I told it depends on my risk assesement if risk low and relationship problems will refer to relate.If risk high will involve legal services
  11. what happened guys
  12. i am not one of the examiners Daisee(hate to be one).The 2nd pmp was about alcohol where a 42 year old lady drinking heavily recently started accusing husband of having affairs outside home.I discussed mainly of the alchol problem but did not address morbid jealousy (though discussed about risk to husband etc).Wanted to find out from others as to how they approached this as the examiner was asking me questions on alchol relapse prevention etc. Next one was a lady with recurrent depression,over the weekend did not take her Paroxetine 30mgs became agitated and jumped out of window.I discussed about ssri discontinuation,relapse of mental state,alcohol&drugs,psychosis,paroxetine itself causes agitation as side effects etc. spoke of risk assesement .I did not mention about sexual side effects which i realised after coming out . Therefore i was wondering what other people discussed in these pmp's. By the way why would an examiner want to know what people have discussed
  13. wanted to know what they discussed.Especially the 2nd and 3rd pmp (alcohol and ssri)
  14. Hi is there anyone who had there pmp's on 14/11/07 at 11:20.(Alcohol/ocd/ssri discontinuation syndrome)
  15. worth mentioning about clozapine