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  1. I think it will be 4-1 or 3-2 to England. It is a bit of Oz tempest and historical English slow start. The next test will set the tone and I think the Eng superiority in class will be evident. What the Aussies have his temerity and whether they have spirit (which could change my prediction) will be evident from the second test.
  2. Nope
  3. The whole video gaming world has become like Apple vs Samsung. Too big labes, too much hype, two or three games worth playing and loss of the innocent gamers. New revolution please... I think it wil be either virtual helmets or something!!
  4. Talking about the spirituality aspect is dicey for me. One can worship whomsoever one wants. Actually that is a fundamental right and Sags example can be used as such as well. However it still doesn't say whether the man is intelligent educated sensible etcetc. There is temple for Amitabh Bacchan somewhere in Bengal or somwhere, but......... Why the resentment towards people reacting in these ways or the govt giving him the Bharat Ratna? Whats wrong in being irrationally celebratory at such a momentous occasion? I note some very adulatory ones here in fact.
  5. Thank you sirji! hehe Good that there isns a 0 !!
  6. Btw does anyone know what the scoring system for interviews is? The scoring system for shortlisting is given on the website but just wondered what directions interviewers have?
  7. Good. Now do we have the list? Make sure MRCPsych is on it.
  8. Btw just for info The language requirements are changing this month to have the speaking English component being added to the life in the uk test. http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/sitecontent/newsfragments/85-koll Am attaching the leaflet as well. kol-uk.pdf
  9. I guess a bit of intoxication makes you read 2013 instead of 2012! thanks for reminding! Lol
  10. SA squared the series after all. Du Plessis fined for ball tampering! I think the second test was more to form. Pak inconsistent as before. Two spectators got expelled for "pestering" Misbah, although they say they were just asking why Younus Khan was left out. Could have been the difference in this match at least. I am looking forward to the SA tour, if they (BCCI) can only stop being silly over the Lorgat issue.
  11. Btw sands, what would be the evidence of his influence in the dressing room?
  12. So he isn't that great after all. Shame.
  13. Hmmmmm semantics or. .? But can you explain the context a bit more. Where have you faced this difference? If it is based on this ad, ive worked in that Trust, and from my last knowledge that should be just a staff grade like post.
  14. Human mind is fickle. Those who grow up with legends remember the good and bad times. Sport is not just one feeling of winning, it is how it is played and by whom. Every one of us thinks we are great. Who defines that? The article reeks of the irreverence that some people need as psychological defences to the impending loss. Of course they cannot see why the hoo haa over someone past their "best by" dates. Shameful to start comparing, but did it talk about the way Lara was treated at the end or even in the middle of his career. It just uses selective stats or examples to further this sickening way of changing of the guard. What about Sr's contribution to the WC? I dont understand what is controversial about someone wanting to play beyond what is considered their "twilight"? Anyone heard of Paolo Maldidi, he played football for AC Milan into his forties, couldnt run or defend like the younger days, but his presence in the dressing room was sighted as what was needed to crank up other younger players. What about that contribution? And Sag, of course you dont mind when India is playing like ....what? They couldnt score 300 in the first match and then spanked 360 in 44 overs? Great batting but bowling will and has been the downfall till now in both longer versions.