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  1. I agree. I am no big fan of KP, but clearly he has been made the scapegoat here. After all he was the highest run getter in a dismal series for all batsmen. KP is a mercurial batsman and there is no doubt that several of his big hundreds in recent years have resulted in wins for England- there was no way England would have won in India, if not for KP's brilliant innings. Can't see anyone in the English ranks who can replace him. Besides he is still in his prime- it's not as if he is an over the hill player who is blocking a youngster
  2. England beaten on all fronts. 4-1 loss in the odi's and 3-0 in t20s to complete to humiliation following the 5-0 thrashing in tests. Flower has now resigned- Cook May follow as well- where does English cricket head from here?
  3. New Zealand soundly thrash India 4-0. Could have easily been 5-0, if not for that fluke of a tie. Don't think the BCCI is concerned as it seems to be busy acquiring more power and wealth and are not interested in results. Brilliant all round effort from the kiwis with everybody contributing- Ross Taylor was outstanding
  4. Wins for Stan and Li. Li' s was on expected lines- Stan's wasn't. He has had a brilliant tournament- beating djokovic and now nadal- that nadal had some injury woes should not detract from how well Stan did- he was clearly ahead in the match, when nadal started having issues with the back. I think wawrinka deserved to win a grand slam and am pleased for him
  5. So the much hyped semi was a tame affair and the result- very predictable.Once Federer lost the 1st set tiebreaker, there was an air of inevitability about the result. From the little that I saw, Federer didn't play badly- he was executing a good enough game plan, but Nadal is relentless and as in the past had the right answers at the right times. As far as rivalries go, I prefer the Nadal- Djokovic one- much more balanced and both try to find answers and come on top. For all his greatness, Federer has never been able to solve the Nadal puzzle and the Federer- Nadal rivalry is almost non existent as it is so lopsided in favour of Nadal. kreely- i was looking on the ATP website and Stan has never beaten Nadal- in fact he is yet to win a set against him. So it is too much to expect of him to do that in a grand slam final. What an achievement it would be for him though if he does win- beating both Djokovic and Nadal- now that would be some feat!
  6. Stan is the man! First grand slam final for him- but can he win it all? He definitely has the game to win it, but how strong is he in between his ears? He has to play either Nadal or Federer in the final, both of whom are mentally strong and relish the opportunity of performing on the big stage. It is a big ask for anyone really.
  7. So Azarenka dumped out as well! This Australian open has not been kind to its favourites. Na Li is the only one who has won a slam before, so it will be interesting to see if there will be a new grand slam champ. Federer dumps Murray- I am really impressed with how Federer has played, considering that he is supposed to be on a decline!! He has been at his sublime best in his last 2 matches against Tsonga and Murray. Of course, consistency is not Tsonga's strong point- he is more of a mercurial player, and Murray is just coming back after a 3 month lay off, which could have helped Federer, but all credit to him for proving his doubters wrong. But now he has to face his life long tormentor Nadal and if he gets past him, I will say that Federer is not done yet! Nadal himself has struggled a bit in the last 2 matches against Nishikori and Dimitrov ( 2 very promising players, I should say)- both of them have exposed some chinks in his armour. Nadal has needed treatment for blisters in his hand in the last 2 matches as well. So Federer is not without a chance this time around as in the recent past.
  8. Great from Stan the man! He ran Djokers close twice last year and finally he pulls off a win! Much deserved and I am happy for him. I always feel sorry for the likes of Wawrinka, David Ferrer etc, who are quality players, but always fall short to the top guys- in another era they might have won grand slams. Now it remains to be seen what Stan has left in his tank. He meets Berdych in the semi and one of them will go to the finals as Nadal, Federer and Murray are all on the same side of the draw.
  9. Well, Sharapova follows Serena out of the tournament. Azarenka is the favourite now, but I am also backing Na Li, who is playing very well. Ivanovic also has a good chance. Men's more or less going on expected lines. Djokers seems too good at the moment. Nadal severely tested by Nishikori today, but came out in straight sets. Federer doing well against Tsonga and is 2 sets up now. It is all building up to an interesting climax
  10. Agree with kreely- most likely men's final is djokers/ nadal and women's serena/ azarenka. I would put del potro as the 3rd in line just in case the top 2 have an off day. Murray is just back from a long lay off and I don't think he can last 5 sets against the top 2. Same with federer- he still shows flashes of brilliance, but can't see him beating nadal or djokers in a best of 5 match.
  11. So the blame game has started and KP seems to be the top scapegoat. I personally am no fan of KP, but he has been the highest run getter for England in the series. True he gifted his wickets a couple of times, but that's the way he plays and he has scored big tons playing that way in the past. His attitude is called in to question, but as Vaughan said the 50 back room staff are there to manage such problems- so why can't they? The other scapegoat seems to be carberry, who was the second highest run getter after KP. The official line is he is 33 and not a long term prospect- well for many in Australia, career starts after 30- like Harris or even 35 as in the case of rogers, who were both star performers in the ashes win. I don't buy in to the age argument for carberry. Nothing ever is said of bell, root or bairstow who were simply miserable. Cook's captaincy has been criticised, but they have been less harsh on his batting- a captain should lead from the front. Stokes is already being hailed as the next sobers- come on- he only scored a ton, when the match was as good as over and that knock was never going to change the result. Broad had a good series, but nothing spectacular and Anderson was useless- yet they are still world class, and it might be Finn, who never got to play, who will get the axe.
  12. So the 5-0 humiliating whitewash is complete! I never expected this at the start of the series, but was confident after the first 2 tests. England, thoroughly outplayed in all departments of the game by a clearly superior side. While this is not the best australian team, they definitely played like one. Well done to them- it is interesting how they will fare against SA. Lots of positives for the Australians- some of which were noticed during the England tour. Haddin was their star batsman who came good every single time and always when Aussies needed him. Rogers and Warner have settled the openers debate by coming up with a couple of centuries each. Watson and Clarke did their bit, but Steve smith was the most impressive in the middle order- he has really matured and should be their long term no 5. The only failure was George Bailey- notwithstanding his 28 runs off 1 over- maybe he is a shorter version specialist, but it would be better to persist with him for some more time. The bowling was absolutely breathtaking. Mitch had a dream series- what a comeback for him- he was accurate, hostile ( both with the ball and mouth ) and very fast. I don't agree with certain sections of the media calling him as better than steyn. Steyn has always been a consistent performer whereas Mitch's career has been like a yo-yo. Harris was equally good, though he didn't get the recognition that Mitch did- in fact Harris carried on from where he left in England . Siddle played the supporting role to perfection and Lyon showed that he is Aussies best slow bowling option by a mile. England has had one or two positives from this disastrous series. Ben stokes did well in the matches he played- the century at Perth and the 6 wicket haul at Sydney should encourage him. Broad was by far their best bowler. Apart from that the rest of the team were woeful. They were scared of playing Mitch, simple as that
  13. Indians fighting to save the match now. 8 wickets left for SA, but honestly they need to take only 3- pujara, kohli and rahane. The rest have been blown aside all series and I expect the same tomorrow, if the other 3 fail. Pujara has concentrated hard and he and kohli need to see off the first session without any mishaps. The weather might come to their rescue as well. A drawn series will be a great result for India. Kallis had a great last match. A century in his last test, 200th catch and who knows what he might do with the ball tmrw?
  14. It is 4-0 for the Aussies. Another crushing win. Great knock from rogers to shut out any chance for England. English bowlers didn't have a plan and their fielding was sub standard. I can see botham's prediction of 5-0 coming true- only for the wrong team! The media reaction in England has mostly been critical of the English performance. Boycott as usual, has minced no words- in fact he had predicted 5-0 after the Brisbane test. Nasser has been diplomatic. Botham seething with anger. Lot of calls for Cook and flower to be axed and key players to be dropped. Personally I don't think there is any reason for wholesale changes to the team. Flower, probably has to go- any coach has a shelf life and his time is up. Cook, however needs to continue- he is a useless captain, but who is there to replace him? And he is still a good batsman. KP, for all his faults, has got some runs. They should stick with root- he is a good prospect. Bell will come good in England . I am not sure of bairstow- his keeping was as bad as prior's. I don't see much of a future for Anderson- he may still bowl a few good spells in helpful conditions in England, but outside that he won't be of much use. Monty has declined as a bowler as well, and with his appalling fielding, he will be a liability.
  15. India has done well so far losing just 1 wicket for 147. Great discipline shown by pujara and vijay- they have waited for the loose deliveries to be punished, and have mostly left the deliveries outside the off stump alone. What a contrast to the times of sehwag and gambhir when the slip fielders used to have catching practice. So another great cricketer, Jacques kallis retires after this test. What a magnificent career it has been. He was a complete package- I have never seen him out of form as a batsman until this last year, which showed signs of decline. His bowling has always been underestimated- he has always been a partnership breaker. And his catching at slips- absolutely amazing- never seen him drop catches. Surely his absence will affect the balance of the team. But I think he has called it a day at the right time and did not unnecessarily prolong his career in pursuit of silly records.