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  1. I was referring to all ST4 jobs in general. Including LATS. I guess the majority is in April then. Do not think we have missed anything yet. (i hope). Many thanks.
  2. Could we kindly update each other on any ST4 jobs advertised in 2009? Many thanks!
  3. when was it advertised and where?
  5. Eastmidlands anybody?
  6. Thanks guys.
  7. Are there any newly advertised st4 posts in psychiatry since march 2008? Lets update each other, please.
  8. For what?
  9. Are there only two jobs?
  10. Thanks chameleon. It's actually old age.
  11. Been shortlisted . Does anyone have any idea in terms of likely questions? PERHAPS LAST YEAR'S FORMAT PLEASE?
  12. These st4 offers in scotland, is it open to the st3 already in scotland or have they been allocated?
  13. What st4, do you mean lat?