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  1. Don’t worry in current scenario job is urs, likely would be only candidates. focus on your strengths, CV, service development, MDT working
  2. Any one interested in Skype practice.
  3. Nefize I sent u what’s app hassan sent I message too
  4. Me too, around Manchester Bolton
  5. Hi Guys please discuss here about today’s paper best of luck to everyfor results 2 effects each of substance misuse (opiates, ketamine and amphetamine option were nephropathy, hypertension etc kinds of FTD oxford ethinic students study few question on ADHD and autism
  6. Hi any one interested in joining for paper B revision. Please Send me Private message. thanks
  7. One year conversion from mci to dementia
  8. What's did you choose for neuroimaging rrisk of schizophrenia in offspring mania treatment in Camhs Gallantmine no option of AD but mixed dementia was there
  9. Hi I am a new member and I want to your telegram or viber or any social media group for psychiatrist would you join me to any group you are joined in 

    thank you


    1. gollu007


      It's not very active at the moment, but you can send me ur number I will add you to WhatsApp group.

  10. Pregnant lady Refer to local service for substitution treatment
  11. Clozapine Qaly Parkinson treatment levodopa than quetiapine
  12. Severe lithium toxicity signs acromtopsia nystmus tremors dealth in anorexia due to hypogly hypophostemia hypokalemi
  13. Gurpral always use to start this thread on day of exam!! He will be remembered , Thanks for help all of us. I am hopeful this forums will be continue. Thanks contributions to this field will be remembered for long... I am taking opportunity to start this thread This topic is for everyone who has taken the MRCPsych Paper B exam. Please give your feedback! If you remember any questions from the Paper B exam, please post them!
  14. Publications available on their website and in libraries