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  1. Amazon has it for about £30 - still surprised that thse games seem to come down so quickly from £54! Just bought Burnout Paradise and Saints Row 2 - Sags, SR2 is really cheap at the moment as it's a platinum title now. I know it won't be a patch on GTAIV but it looks like a bit of silly fun and I refuse to get an XBox for some crappy GTA4 DLC. Finished Fallout3 last weekend - just an outstanding game. Might pick up the Game of the Year ed in a few months to finally finish the Enclave and move my level cap up or get Broken Steel from the PS Store. A part of me wants to battle on Mothership Zeta just for he alien guns! With COD6, Borderlands, Uncharted 2, Darksiders (the 'new' God of War game), Heavy Rain, and FFXIII my OH is destined to become a PlayStation widow if I'm not careful. FS
  2. sush wrote: Or toe-curling even - toes can't curdle! I'm not a big fan of dimunitives like 'mate' or 'love' - but then I consider that slang..... FS
  3. Anyone seen Sagi's diwali present?. FS
  4. The ads for Uncharted 2 are doing the rounds - but look like crap compared to the gametrailers seen so far on the net..... still - very excited! Bought my first MGS game yesterday (MGS4) as hated the PSOne version and gave up on the series. So far - just exquisite. Long may the Xbox and PS3 war continue - the price and quality of the PS3 games just keep getting better and better! FS
  5. Isn't this straightforward AND/OR probability? i.e p Down's = 2/100 = 0.02 p William's = 0.5/100 = 0.005 Both at mother's age = 35 Then having EITHER = pDown's OR pWilliam's = 0.02 + 0.005 = 0.025 = 2.5% Having BOTH = pDown's AND pWilliam's = 0.02 X 0.005 = 0.0001 = 0.01% FS
  6. kreely wrote: Dammit - I've been re-karma'ed! Smite again Kreels! FS
  7. sands73 wrote: Noooooooo! Some kind soul please decrease my karma level! I am now awarding karma to any regulars on 0 as my newest act of randomness....... FS
  8. Psychoanalytix wrote: PA - these aren't like XBox LIVE! points - they are kind of karma or total number of posts. Each week I randomly select a user whose karma I increase for that week - pointless but I know it gives validation to some! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: FS
  9. Ta for expanding the boards again WM! FS
  10. Sags - Had to take my first E71 back too - it kept freezing and (although I got a new handset) the only advice was to lock/unlock the phone from nthe menus (how tedious!). It's been behaving itself ever since but I don't put the OS under a lot of strain (calls,texts, and internet only) but I'll be swapping it for the iphone as soon as the O2 exclusivity is up. Currently still with t-mobile (very cheap tariff and free minutes include voicemail which is quite good) but want to switch to O2 (much better coverage). FS
  11. SagirParkar wrote: Waaaay old news I'm afraid Sags - thanks to IGN! I prefer my old PS3 but can't wait for Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain (on amazon marketplace......!). FS
  12. ajay wrote: I would recommend Richer Sounds - great customer care and they give you a 5 year warranty for 10% of the price of the tv which is well worth it. As much of a Sony fan as I am I would recommend getting a Samsung or Toshiba plasma - a lot more screen for a lot less. I don't think the human eye is capable of differentiating 1080p from 720p and PS3 games play beautifully at 50Hz 720p. Check out the Richer Sounds website - if only for their sense of humour on their employee bios! FS
  13. Let's hope they hold it in a city with other things to do too - like Madrid or Prague! But it would be great to have a few days with fellow gamers just regreesing back to childhood..... although Heavy Rain looks anything but childlike! FS
  14. I'm not a fan - MUCH prefer the bigger verson (especially the Spiderman 3-style font). I think the original PS3 is going to be iconic - we were all jumping up and down waiting for it for so long. Insane - at £20-30 a game (especially 2nd hand off amazon/ebay) - stop the chipping-console obsession! Finally finished GTA IV last week. The missions got a little repetetive towards the end (Rockstar clearly wanted only missions that involved using cover and shooting!) but it was still hilarious and a visual feast. MGS4 - HELP! I tried the demo a month ago and Solid Snake moved soooooo slowly - a bit like the characters in the new Resident Evil. Where is the fun in that game? Sneaking up on people when the lead character handles with all the subtlety of a tank is hard enough without that irritating alarm sound that they've kept unchanged throughout the franchise. MGS is like Tomb Raider as far as I'm concerned - great idea but pointless and I've never completed a game in either franchise. Can't wait for IGN and GameSpot to do their full coverage of Sony at GamesCon Germany - unless Tan's already done it for us..... FS
  15. Sagi - it all looks AMAZING! Gutted that my other half hates video games - maybe this could be a SEC trip for the next big games con? Absolutely drooling reading your blog and Tan's vidcast is great - get it on IGN! How great does APB look? Very much like GTA and at 200 players it'll be mayhem. FS