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  1. Funny enough, I did not take my wife and kids to the appointment despite getting an email to say come withh all your dependants.
  2. Did the premium service at Liverpool last week. Once she realised I was under judicial review, she only asked for letter from Employer and last 3 months bank statement. Within 30 mins she came back and said approved. I was kicking myself, after I had travelled with a box load of documents with photocopies of each, she only took employers letter and 3 months (though I gave her 6months) payslip. . Anyway, I was relieved at the end
  3. "I was always taught to only give such a diagnosis after a witnessed manic episode. One should never allow a patient to self diagnose in the absence of observable psychopathology. These are serious labels and drugs that we are prescribing!!" You are quite right. Many patients have been diagnosed with this severe mental illness based on what the Patient alone reported. What a Patient means by "high" in many instance is usually a euthymic state. We need to take a very good history and try and differentiate being "high" and being euthymic. Also, the duration of the "highs" matters a lot as some Patient reports being high for a few minutes or hours and then low afterwards. This does not qualify as a manic or hypomanic state. The diagnosis can still be given without a "witnessed manic epsiode" (Bipolar 2!)
  4. This is all a knee jerk reaction that Britain has come to be known for. It is going to change tomorrow again. I wonder how many countries in the World change their immigration policies as often as Britain does .
  5. Also, the open University does one as well online
  6. Try this website They offer modules in clinical leadership
  7. I heard that for Singapore, you need to be a grdautae of a UK medical school before you can work there. Is that true?
  8. Messi shouldn't be on that last Kreely, he has been superb. The only thing missing is a goal. Aside from that, he has palyed very well
  9. Kreely, you have just hit the nail on the head. The players are overated and overhyped by the press. The truth is that they are not good enough. The blame culture will always continue; it is the referee, no goal line technology, foreign players in the premiership are not allowing the local players to develop, they are exhausted from playing too many games in the premiership and the managers fault for no playing certain players. They fail to mention that they are not good enough when it comes to the world stage. It may be a psychological thing though. The only time England won the world cup was when they hosted it in 1966. I think they should work hard towards hosting the 2018 world cup and they may then have the psychological belief then to help them perform better ( I doubt it very much though). The bottom line is the players are not good enough to win the world cup, and we should all realise that.
  10. Yes, I agree it shouldn't be a problem for doctors. What other proof do they need if you have worked in the NHS for this long
  11. If he doesn't get fit soon, he will not be match fit for the WC which will be a disaster for Eng. It will be a good enough excuse for England, though! Yes, i agree that it will be an exuse for England not winning the world cup. I wonder why England seem to put all their hopes on one player every time it comes to the World cup. Last world cup it was still Rooney, the one before that, it was Beckham. If they go to any competition and they don't win, then somebody has to take the blame. Last Euro cup, it was Ronaldo for making Rooney get a red card. In 98 it was Beckham for getting a red card. When will England learn
  12. Yes zispin, please name them
  13. hahahaha, yes. just like cannabis was used to treat schizophrenia
  14. Cheers Jedi
  15. Hi everyone. I was called to a continuing health care unit in the community to re-write a drug chart. While writing the prn medications side of the drug chart, I noticed that one of the columns had RUM written on it. I initially thought if this was the market name of a drug that I was not aware of but then looking at the indication for the rum, it says " for enjoyment purposes". I burtsed out laughing and the nurse told me that in those days, Patients' were allowed to have alcohol in the ward and it was written down in drug charts. I was wondering if the Trust actually buys it for the Patients or their relatives bring it in for the Patients. I was wondering if anyone has had similar experience in their area?