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  1. If your younger one was born in UK after you had the ILR, then he/she will get citizenship straightaway. For your son born outside UK, he will be eligible for ILR (one of the parents should have ILR)
  2. ????????????????????????????
  3. GA for east of england,
  4. I know my friend got one for old age in east of england. Infact he received it last wk!!! I applied fr gen adult in same deanery, havent heard any!
  5. Come on. We aren't stupid as you might have intended to have said, may be indirectly. As I said, I have passed 6 to 7 stations out of 8 link stations (more difficult section out of 2) while passing 1 out of 8 in other section showed bias and radiculous nature of the exam. If we divide 2 sections as separate exams, I passed the first exam and failed miserably the second exam. We are talking about fairness of the exam. If PACES can do the exam in one section, why not RCPsych can do the exam in one section? If PACES can do the exam with 2 examiners for each station, why not CASC? If USMLE can do exam with video recording, why not CASC. It would certainly reduce the bias of the examiners and they can give helpful feedbacks. It is like Sep Blatter and Platani refusing to implement the "goal line technology" for years even though other sports are using video reviews and "hawkeye" technique to reduce the human errors and mistakes. Any way, they have now decided to use the "goal line technology" from the next Word Cup. It is the way forward. Don't go blind eyed to what is going on with the exam like some of our patients would do (they have their excuses due to their symptoms such as negative symptoms and lack of motivation). We should accept that the exam is not fair compared to other Colleges' exams such as PACE, and United States' exams e.g. USMLE and we have to do something about this. I have spoken to the CASC people at RCPsych a few days ago and I asked why CASC has been changed to 2 sections instead of one like the very first CASC exam (because I strongly believe I would have passed this exam if it was like the first exam as I have passed 6 to 7 stations out of 8 and I do believe in momentum), he said it was changed because some examiners thought that it was too long to do 12 stations. He suggested to write a letter to Dr Bowie, Chief Examiner to suggest to do the exam in one section. and he believed it might work out better for both the eximiners and candidates. I then asked why the feedbacks were so poor. He said it would not be feasible for the examiners to give more feedbacks because of many stations throughout the day. It is strange. They are usually sitting and writing things down when we're doing the exam. What are they writing? Don't compare written paper and driving test with CASC. They're TOTALLY different. I passed all 3 papers in 3 months and if you failed the papers, you aren't good enough. It's as simple as that. The examiners can't influence your answers any way whatsoever. If you choose the right answer, you would get the mark. I passed driving test very first time with only 2 minor mistakes. My driving instructor was surprised because of too little mistakes. I said it was very easy test for me because I know my skills are far better than the driving test itself. One of the 2 minor mistakes was deliberate. There was green light to turn left at the traffic light but due to daylight and dirt on the lamp, I was not 100% sure it was green or not green and I waited until the other lights go green to make sure about this so that it would be only a minor mistake rather than a major one. With driving test, you're in total control. If you're good, they have NO WAY to fail you. I was 100% sure that I would pass the exam first time around all the time because the manovuers are very easy and driving around as per their instructions can be done without even using my hands (just giving an example. I know it would be major mistake). CASC is a totally different ball game. Come on. Passing rates couldn't be that different from old Part 2 and the very first CASC exam to current ones. Also many UK graduates failing in the Hong Kong is also a bias, IMO. I have asked whether they have included the result from Hong Kong in their statistics, CASC person said he didn't think so. Why should not they included the Hong Kong CASC results in the statistics? It is a kind of bias itself? Hi Mate, if you look at the pass % over the last 3 yrs or so, it has always been 31-34%. we are fortunate atleast to have Wendy Burn as the dean of the college !!, the passrate now has been around 43-44%. I knew her when I was doing my SHO training in Yorkshire and she was very helpful to the trainees. I hope she will keep up the good work. All the best to you lot !!!
  6. i think the invitations will be out next wk. In a way the closing date for shortlisting is today !!!
  7. as per the calender, 6th/7th is the deadline for shortlisting. isnt it??
  8. Thats really diffiult to say !! I did go to spmm most of them are college examiners and it was ok. cant say about other courses though.
  9. Just google the casc courses and then go through each website fr details. Shouldnt be difficult. Common ones are spmm, oxford, cambridge, birmingham.
  10. sorry to hear that. I was in your situation 3 times successively before passing it this time. As already mentioned, not sure what the examiner was looking for. Personally I wouldnt go down the appealing route, as there isnt any evidence to support yourself as to how your stations went. Also I believe it is a prolonged process. All the best for next time !!!
  11. Read the full article my friend. The rules havent changed for a while now.It is 1643 days from the time you first pass your written paper.
  12. I havent received the feedback letter as yet !!! Has something like this happened to anyone before? Did anybody received letters the following monday instead of saturday? I opted out of the pass list and so dont even know whether i passed or failed. so frustrating.
  13. By giving running commentary, I dont think you will be penalised. Thats what i did in previous exam and passed the physical exam station
  14. I think Athona covers much of northwest area if I am not wrong. They seem to get a lot of jobs in that area.
  15. Yes, you can do, may be £150-200/month. speak to ur accountant.