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  1. you are right sagirparkar, I think we should write to the college to say that they should just ask everybody to get signature from their consultant.......but I don't think that they will listen to us what are other people's comments on this issue ?
  2. Dear munnabhai are you going to jump off from a moving train or stationary train ( am trying to go into range and depth of psychopathology here !....) Even I did not like this from the college, but doing anything against it will be like hitting ur head against a brick wall !
  3. that is right, you need some evidence that you have worked in that area or had some training. More than anything, the important thing is that if college tutor is happy to sign your application, then that's it, you don't have to worry. Hope this helps you regards
  4. Hi I am looking for a study partner for CASC in oct. 09, I live in tamworth willing to travel or through skype at times anyone willing, please send me an e-mail regards
  5. Dear Bond001 you are right, it is better to keep the positive frame of mind like a fast moving train. forget about our past failures in casc and move forward and think about how to improve and pass this CASC regards
  6. I was shocked when I came to know that we need to re-take paper 1 again after 3 attempts at the CASC I think that the best way is that all of us should write to Prof.Rob Howard to say that our Part 1 should be banked If everybody writes, they may do something, otherwise MRCPsych will remain only in our dreams ! Please comment on this important issue Best of Luck
  7. Dear mother teresa why should we take paper 1, if we fail CASC in november 2009 ? If this is the case, then we should protest against the college Need other's comments please thanks
  8. I think we should have unlimited attempt at the CASC just like the way college had exams for part 2 clinicals If not, we should all write to the college and oppose their decisions we are the future consultants and potential members of the college,we all should do things as a group, united, not individually welcome comments from others please....
  9. to pass a station, you need to concentrate on the patient, establish rapport, use empathy keep smiling I passed the station on elicit history of bipolar disorder I was a bit relaxed in this station I hope this may help others taking CASC thanks
  10. Hi Good Luck to all vijay
  11. Dear AA This is only for SAS doctors those who are in non-training posts trainees have to do quite a few of them. Please look at the college website for details vijay
  12. Dear sagirparkar Can I please have your contact number as I need to speak to you regarding WPBA for CASC ( SAS doctor ) or if you could send it by e-mail to my id your help is much appreciated regards vijay tamworth
  13. Dear All All the best to everybody taking CASC Please post the stations on this website after ur exams many thanks
  14. Dear mp3, you are supposed to do 1 ACE in psychotherapy and 1 ACE in child and adolescent or Learning Disability. I have been given this information from the exam. assistant. this is mainly for people who are in non-training post. This is mandatory from 2009 and not this year. I hope this info may be helpful to you and others taking CASC regards
  15. Dear Kamran Thank you very much you are very kind ! regards