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  1. Yeah, That's it !!!
  2. This is great news!. Good morale booster. However the interview panels will adhere to DOH guidelines whatever the courts say. Hope I don't sound too negative, just being realistic.
  3. Yes, Prof. Tooke definitely proposes Decoupling.But whether it would happen or not is a different matter altogether.
  4. Aug 08 intake ?? Where ? Australia or NZ?
  5. No, You are thinking the correct way. Unfortunately, though, the truth is that FTSTA posts have no future. I have not seen any of the stakeholders to MMC denying that, other than the trainees themselves and few employers who want to keep the morale of their workforce. It's nice to live in a dream but for how long????
  6. How was your interview today, then?
  7. How do you know? Did you get an email?
  8. True, If you go for a staff grade, in Aug. 08, ur applying from a safe position. If you go for a FTSTA you are fighting for a career as well as for survival.
  9. I would say- well done brentdoc- no point doing an FTSA if u get a staff grade offer Even discussing about this issue is pointless. By June/july 08 you would understand the value of your decision.
  10. There's nice editorial by Sabina Dosani (BMJcareers Editor) in this weeks issue. She is in NZ and has first hand experience on the situation there.
  11. Didn't raise any issue here, mate. Just tried to assist you to 'hang ur head in shame' for being a certain national.
  12. I will also do that, Certainly. lets have some fun
  13. This is another reason for you to do that mate. 'A favourite way for rural Indians to humiliate Dalits who get too uppity is to strip their mothers, wives and sisters naked and parade them through the streets. When this is not considered humiliation enough rape follows.' Go on.. If you want , I can give you some more reasons.
  14. And if they did get ST posts, will they have to relinquish them? Can imagine the relevent deaneries getting another 1500 applications for two more ST posts. BTW they were crying that there aren't enough ST posts for neurology. Here we go. Another one coming up.
  15. And if the bomb doc is a person p****d off of not getting a ST post would he direct the vehicle to Glasgow airport or a random nightclub.