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  1. I would expect notheing less from the deanery. cheers xx
  2. Do you know when we find out? email/post?
  3. My answer also looked at: 1. School's anti-bullying policy 2. Liasion with school to get full background info 3. Address the needs of bully too and their parents 4. Psychology for victim AND family - exclude PTSD 4. Long term support for both victim and bully with school - involve if needed social services, police, voluntary organisations.
  4. 3 stations GA ST4 (2009) 1. Commitment to speciality - showed 7 minute powerpoint presentation, asked to define clinical governace and decribe which pillar I thought was most important. 2. Research and audit. - tell me you experience of audit. Asked to describe two of them. Any experience in research. Do you get any journals? Any interesting articles? What do you think is going to be the biggest test for Psychiatry in the next 5 years? What is your experience of teaching? have you had any formal training in teaching? 3. Scenarios: you are called by anxious SHO about a patient 'hanging from a hook' describe your management? What experience of teaching do you have? How could you make the most of your own supervision to improve your teaching skills.
  5. Thanks.... anyone else with questions from last year? any clinical scenarios? cheers
  6. At The Hammersmith centre the fire alarm went off candidates were standing outside discussing the paper befor they went in again and continued?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-?
  7. 1. 'A 50 yo male with CT showing cerebellar atrophy, please test his motor coordination' 2. Informal young male with diagnosis of schizophrenia complicated by polysubstance abuse. He returns to the ward after 8h leave. His mental state has deteriorated and he is seen laughing to himself. he refuses to give a UDS. Try and persuade him to give a urine sample. 3. A 60 yo man with previous history of MI, hypertension and cholesterol brought by daughter to hospital due to one year deterioration in memory please assess his cognitive function 4. Please discuss you findings from previous station with his daughter. Avoid medical jargon and address her concerns. 5. Rest station 6. A 25 yo woman first presented to GP with complaints of tiredness and fatigue. No medical cause was found. Assess for hx of depression and HPC. 7. A postal worker is brought to A and E by police. He had turned himself in earlier that day saying he 'could no longer hide'. Please elicit his delusions and other experiences 8. A 55 yo woman is brought in by a friend after she was found by a bundle of wood. She states she was trying to burn her body as she had 'died a few days ago' Please elicit her delusions AND detrmine if her delusions are primary or secondary AND assess her risk 9. A 30 year old male is refered to you after experiencing difficulties at work. Please elicit his obsession and compulsions 10. A 20 year old girl is brought to A and E having sustained a laceration to her wrist trying to break in her brother's room. When asked why she states she says her brother has been trying to brainwash her with his computer. Please assess her thoughts and other experiences. Do not take personal history or risk assessment 11. A 50 year old male presents as his wife says she will leave him if he does not address his alcohol problem. Please explore his Alcohol dependency 12. You are asked to see the husband of a woman who gave birth two weeks ago and was admitted to the mother and baby unit last night. Please do risk assessment.
  8. Postman pat rears his psychotic face again!!
  9. 1)Closed questions are suitable interview techiques (True - eg to define severity and in risk ass) 2)Acalculia is associated with dominant parietal lobe lesion (false - acalculia IS diff from dyscalculia) 3)If a maladaptive behaviour is persisting then it must be that it is being re inforced - according to operant conditioning theory (no idea) 5) Imipramine causes dry mouth by antagonising peripheral mucranic receptorr (true - this is a Peripheral not central effect) 7) Margaret Mahler's separation - individuation occurs in the practicing period (true - it is one of the stages)
  10. any ideas on these... 1. spirits are more likely to cause alcohol dependency than beer. 2. laws of closure and difference are seen in Gestalt 3. patients on TCA are morelikely than tose on SSRI to stop due to side effects 4. significant weight loss is seen with fluoxetine also on the EMIs the old widow hearing her husbands voice - pathological grief or depression the schizophrenic having his BP done and keeping arm up - mithegen or waxy flex xx
  11. EMI - vaguely remebered. EMI 1. Lithium Methadone Lorazepam Phenytoin 1. Which of the above is approximately 95% excreted in the urine 2. Which causes respiratory depression and heart failure in OD? 3. Which reduces the seizure duration EMI 2. Dissociative amnesia Dissociative fugue Dissociative motor Head Injury Korsokoffs 1. A man who appears in A and E saying he was mugged and hit his head 2 days ago in a town 50 miles away. he does not know his name or how he got here - but knows the date (list 2) 2. A soilder's arm does not move when in battle (list 1) 3 can't rember 3rd Q EMI 3 Grief reaction Pathological grief severe Depressive without psychotic severe depressive episode with psychotic postnatal depression Puerpial psychosis a 65 yo widow who presents 5 months after the death of husband with low mood and poor sleep who has kept all husbands things and hears his voice calling her to join him b. a young lady 2 weeks after baby is low in mood. Husband is worried as she appears connfused at times and appears to be picking things off the floor (???) Anterograde amnesia retrograde ammnesia Confabulation 1. seen in a man during delirium 2. Seen in korsokoffs (list 2) EMI 5 ABGs CK TFT LFT 1. Young man with rigidity and fluctuating BP after being given .... 2. 65 yo healthy male who has smoked develops SOB EMI - old repeat cocaine intoxication Cannabis dependency LSD intox Amphetamine heroin intoxication heroin withdrawal 1. starlet who is grandiose with nasal cogestion and dilated pupils 2. young man with persecutory ideas, blood shot eyes and cough 3. young man seeing colours in music ISQ 1. Spirits are more likely to cause dependence than beer 2. about 5% of over 65s will develop TD after one year when commenced on a atypical 3. Closure and difference laws are found in gestalt psychology 4. 80% of patients with alcohol dependency have raised GGT 5. Acalculia is a feature of dominant parietal lesions 6. In Huntingdons, memory loss does not accur till late in the disease 7. Adjustment disorder is usually the result of of a severedramatic or violent event. 8. Elementary hallucinations commonly occur in the visual modality. 9. Hypermetamorphosis is seen in Kluver bucy syndrome 10 Hyperphagia is seen in Klein levin syndrome
  12. actually i think more than 10% have IQ over 125 is. as 2 sds from mean is IQ of 130 - as such it is in the region of 10%. I was warned of this question and answer.
  13. anyone know what the pass mark for Part I is .... oh and the time durtaion of exam? cheers
  14. ...but has anyone actually heard yet re: ST2?