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  1. As I mentioned above in bedford centre the examiners ( one of them was professor )was asking questions from first minute , some of these questions , and when i did not know , they helped me . Also they asked very basic clinical questions : In parkinsonism and lewy body dementia How do you assess cognitive functions? how do you assess frontal lobe function? In LD one patient was talking to her self , Why do you think ? I was not extremely bad to start asking these questions. Funny enough the 2 examiners had the same style A friend of mine who is SPR said that it seems are new as examiners Any way , wait and see
  2. Bedford hospital Forensic case paranoid schiz schizoaffective ? extensive forensic history , many admissions ,MHA stable now , good historian , every minute gave delusion or hallucination had on admission was difficult to control and write down everything to present it in 10 minutes. I managed to present it in 2 minutes but I am not sure if I presented the most important parts asked to illicit thought disorder and perception disorder and insight . was volunterely mentioned every thing , I had to interrupt him few times Questions management, tool for risk assessment HCR20 , what historic part asking for what about medication ,he was on cocktail of 2 antipsychotics anti depressant and mood stabilizer prognosis Aetiology examiners over all were friendly and nice , not sure about the case although there was no disaster wait and see
  3. As you said Pudding I had a forensic case from general ward , I was surprised that this patient is not in a secure unit . The discussion about venues can be very useful I am not sure how it did go . Thanks pudding
  4. No one know even the examiners, I heard I have my exam in bedford very well organised Examiners were friendly My PMP same like Carlo One of the examiner was professor Stange style , as if I was in a teaching session , the course was more serious The examiners did not let me say any thing on my own , started by questions straitaway and very interactive , hints and helped me to answer if i stuck in a very unusual way , and this is from first minute I did not feel i was in exam , to extent . when I finished I felt ok but today I have a feeling that i frgot few basic things , and getting worried any one has the same experience
  5. thanks this is a real exam questions
  6. Middle aged lady with fear with fear of spider webs in hedge rows .she won't go out outside assess and manage how to conceptualise in behavioural terms discuss factors maintaing anxiety would you move her on from one stage on graded heirarchy to another even while little anxious ? can some one help with this please ? I thouht is sraitforward ,but I stuck a bit during practising it thanks
  7. Thanks Dutchei and Joy Is quite common that Gps prescribe opiate base pain killer , like DF118 or Codeine and then usually patients abusing these tablets , then GP referring them to drug and alcohol sevices , more difficult to treat than heroin users as they do not consider this as their fault. I am not about the main issue here , somatisation ,psychogenic pain, depression , personality , substance misuse , organic Any one had this PMP before ,what is probs? Thanks
  8. Middle aged lady with chronic pain , treated for many years .GP referral for depression .pain relief is opioid and non opioids .She is on amitriptyline .Assess and manage/ Mechanism of amitriptyline in relief pain? Any one can help please
  9. So, if they have not got the capacity , can we stop them to be married ? I think the only think we can do is advice & counselling if no florid psychotic symptoms Consent , confedentiality issue, why ? Can some one explain more please
  10. Thanks, this is very helpful By the way is there substance misuse sevice on site ? however my exam at 9 am , which unlikely get one at 9 am Cheers
  11. I heard they have mother and baby unit.New exam centre
  12. Thanks Elton
  13. Is there a forensic unit in bedford hospital? Any one has any idea please
  14. I am not sure if we can use sec 5 (2) on medical ward ?
  15. Any information about Bedford hospital , Please ?