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  1. Hi Thank you. Are exploring options. Only asked you in separate forum as was not receiving reply in this forum. However thanks for detailed reply. Really useful
  2. I am getting a bit depressed reading all this. My family may be thinking of moving as my husband is having very good options there. I don't think I 'll really be happy doing general psychiatry as a speciality. Are there options to re-train in general psychiatry but then later on develop your own LD set up or something like that. How many years of re-training is necessary? Should I contact their Royal college for this? I think I'll do that on Monday and also Queensland medical Board. As such it dosn't look too good for LD.
  3. Hi I am post LD CCT . Why are these scares about exams in Australia. We are in fact very well trained doctors and I am sure exams may be challenging but doable. I am thinking of moving to Australia for family reasons. Can you highlight the steps and what I may have to do to obtain a post there in detail. Also are there any first hand experiences of post CCT LD doctors there who have obtained posts? Do they have to do another speciality?
  4. Thank you drallewellyn. This is very useful information. It is so good to have people like you on this forum. So to clarify... I can apply for Advanced Trainee post and then get registration. To get the FRANZAP...I need to apply for exemption for written but sit the clinical? After 12 months of ATP I can become a consultant in private or public sector? Is this right. I tried emailing you but somehow I think it did not go through... my husband (who is a radiology consultant with more than 5 years experience) wanted info on whom best to contact re options for him.
  5. I thought I'll start a thread for psychiatrists who have completed CCT and preparing for / not yet obtained a consultant post. I would be grateful if psychiatrists post their experiences pertaining to this, your experiences of recent consultant interviews in various parts of the country, future options ? including working abroad,etc
  6. Please let me know the options for people like me... I have completed my CCT in Learning disability psychiatry and looking for consultant posts. Do people like me have to switch to Adult psychiatry? Can we set the process of exemption/do exams, etc in UK before moving to Australia?
  7. Thanks all for your inputs. I was trying my luck if new consultants or SpRs at my stage might look at the forum. I understand the problems all doctors are undergoing and how stressful this must be.
  8. Dear all, I am completing my CCT (LD) in April 2008. I understand that we can apply for posts 6 months before completion. Also one can act up as consultant for 3 months and count towards CCT. Does that mean that we can apply 6 months before completion and join 3 months before the CCT?? Also posts are becoming so few. I am getting really worried (and imagine when I was doing the exams I thought all the stress will be over when I pass and get the Spr number!!) . Does anyone know what they would ask in the consultant interview. I have to be really prepared to bag any job that comes along.Any tips on fine tuning the CV?
  9. Sorry to hear about your illness and your lack of energy. Try to learn yoga from a trained teacher.Concentrate on the asanas-postures and pranayama-breathing exercises.This is known to increase your prana-energy levels.Also do meditation prior to opening your books to focus the mind.All the best!!
  10. I think we have already done a survey and presented this issue to the college.At the new members reception, this was brought up as well.I think we may not be very far away from acheiving this. All the best!
  11. It would be a good idea if it is geared towards psychiatry.I did not attend any courses like you mentioned but got the job at first go.One idea would be to go through past interview experiences of SpRs on the forum and get an idea of the general stuff.Prepare on answering questions about your CV.What sub speciality would you be applying for?
  12. Congrats Elvis...Your hard work paid off. Also wishing all the others who passed today.
  13. I am in the process of arranging special interest in neuropsychiatry for myself (SpR in LD).For one who is close to London, Queen's square and Maudsley are good. If Birmingham offers a msc and you want to be a consultant n.psy. then grab the opportunity.I think you are doing the right thing.
  14. I went straight from being a SHO to SpR.Now Iam on band IB which makes my pay very less (lesser than SHO's pay).Now I am thinking should I have taken a staff grade post in between to increase my basic pay. I agree that it dosn't look nice on your CV but if you can justify it, I don't think it matters.Anyway,taking a staff grade for just 3 months is not going to alter your career options.
  15. The training will be good in Leeds (day release course).Go for the Bradford rotation.What do you mean by 'too many Asians and pros and cons'? I thought you may feel at 'home' as you have just come from India!!