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  1. Can I suggest Dec 1-2 in Manchester!!!!!
  2. England blown away in the desert!!!!!
  3. CONGRATS INDIA for winning the first day Perth test by 12 runs
  4. Read somewhere, Indian cricket team are like faithful husbands, "perform" only at home!!!
  5. Only consolation for me, "did not get sky sports for 1-2 months as I usually do"
  6. Pattinson scored more than any of the Indians in the second innings, sums the match up for me. " Going for the Jugular" attitude has never existed in Indian cricket sadly.
  7. I think its a good oppurtunity for Sachin to bring out his experience in the chase(whatever score). He has been criticised for his failures in the second innings when it matters most to the team. Remember him scoring a ton in chennai in December 2008 in the second innings vs England to win the match for us. Sehwag should play his usual self, Dravid and Laxman should take responsibility( as usual) but would love to see sachin proving his critics wrong and playing an important part in the fourth innings. A win in the first test overseas( cannot remember when it happened excluding weaker oppositions). Aussies are never going to make it easy, hope we raise our spirits tomorrow to overcome Aussies, would a great New Year gift...
  8. Sehwag reaches a new summit and Sachin now has the slowest double hundred in one dayers
  9. Psychopaths: Born evil or with a diseased brain?
  10. Bringing this board back to life. Has anyone managed to watch the Diwali releases Velayudham/7 aum arivu Watched 180 and Engeyum yuppodum recently, liked both.
  11. There are many providers who have entered this field now, including Max Newyork life insurance, ask for all details especially exchange rate, fees involved etc. If u r transferring a big sum, choose carefully as there may a big difference between the providers.
  12. Good win for SA. Wish Aussies were bowled out for <26 when they were 21/9. Perhaps SA can continue to inflict injury and demoralise the Aussies and India ( hopefully with a series win over WI) continue the same.
  13. ended up watching ra 1 yesterday, kids enjoyed the film, lots of gaming stuff, money lavishly spent, weak script, good attempt to match hollywood but falls way short........ would not advise unless u like kids stuff..
  14. Happy Diwali, Folks.
  15. Having recently closed my limited company, I can say that this would be the most tax efficient way. Could not get my head around the business jargons, but acted on my accountant's advice. You will need to pay capital gains tax next year on the profits.