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  1. well done everyone, the battlefield moves on now!
  2. i tried many a times at loosu.com couldnt watch anjathey where did anyone get that from?
  3. today 12 march 08
  4. Got this email from Sheffield PBS office Dear Lena, Thank you for your email. Please note that, whilst for initial applications submitted under HSMP, the IELTS Report Form must be less than two years old at the time of application, for those seeking to extend their existing leave under HSMP, IELTS Report Forms which were issued more than two years prior to the date of the extension application, will be accepted hope it helps relieved!!
  5. All the best folks!
  6. i dont know what most ppl think, but this metaanalysis merely highlights a well known fact regarding the mean effect size of antidepressant therapy - placebo was never far behind any antidepressant even in best of the trials. most importantly, natural course of depression is episodic resolution, and most trials consider effect at 6 weeks - by then, naturally, depression will be reducing in severity in both placebo and antidepressant group, inflating placebo effect to catch up with Ads... personally i will remain sceptical when prescribing Ads for reactive depression,.. as always!
  7. but docpurrs, does this hold true in the new PBS?
  8. thanks guys now moving on to take IELTS to get my visa! i am so delighted by all this!! he he
  9. no change???? > 1. Fees will be around 1500 pounds (750 for hsmp approval extn) and 750 for LTR. See http://www.gnn.gov.uk/Content/Detail.asp?ReleaseID=348862&NewsAreaID=2 2. Everyone who has got initial hsmp before dec 2006 will need another IELTS. disgraceful!
  10. when i failed my part 1 osce i was apathetic even to appeal. But my then consultant and medical director wrote a combined appeal on their own to the college. All the college had to show was how i scored in each individual station - i had a ridiculous looking outlier station where i scored 9%!! that didnt help a lot but made my resolve stronger!! appealing might help you to satisfy yourselves that u did every right thing. i know one guy who was successful enuf to make his attempt 'null and void' and not a fail - but he had to take his exam again nevertheless...
  11. I am not sure about the courses - course hierarchies may change with new format. Worth revising same background reading - especially shorter oxford as College seems to use it as a reference book... Good luck
  12. yes she did... Just see this link http://pistachiopress.blogspot.com/ BTW I hope not to go for any more interviews apart from those for research grants!! Hehehe
  13. Another anti-psychiatry lobby - but some interesting questions listed for all of us... ( came to know this from a vehement non believing, ex - service user who counter argued one of my published case reports in American Journal of Neuropsychiatry - line by line, in her blog!!) http://www.successfulschizophrenia.org/articles/mindproject.html
  14. Canadian and American sources, but this is a third person info, may not be entirely accurate. If I am you, I will look into USMLE style Psychiatry Qs.
  15. I must thank Dorianisdead for supplying those DVDs at right time... Dorianisdead - I hope you carry on this good work.........