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  1. Of course we do miss you flakjak. Why don't you tell us when you can make it and we'll call that if we can make it too? By the way, I'm still waiting to hear from slarti...
  2. Yup, all finalised! I'm free on the week end of Dec 1 and 2. Yay! Slarti, are you listening?! ;)
  3. India have won the first test and have expectedly drawn first blood in this series. England's positives are Cook's ability to adapt to the slower wicket and Swann's consistency. India's negatives are not unusual: their bowling attack is thin and when the opposition shows some gumption for a fight, they start wilting. They need to learn to choke oppositions consistently when they (the latter) are down. They ran out of ideas when Cook and Prior were batting and did not look like taking a single wicket for almost 2 whole sessions on the fourth day. Obviously Sehwag's form and Pujara's fine performance are very welcome, but the unit needs to fire on all cylinders if they can achieve the whitewash.
  4. well you need to hang out with my friends then.. we very rarely talk about work, unless it is to express frustrations other than that it is always about things that excite us - gadgets, games, gossip, girls, movies, sport, photography, outdoorsy stuff etc etc depending on whom i am talking to.. @ Sagir: Dude, you forgot to mention FOOD - the most important thing!
  5. Hi my lovelies! Back again! Thanks to Sagir and Slarti, I have made a come back after a loooooong time. Right, SEC meet on the 1st week end of December... sounds exciting. I'll try my bestest to make it. I look forward to meeting up with all the usual suspects: Flakjak, that means YOU! My homie 8@$7@rd Insane, congratulations on taming the college! Go get 'em tigerrrrrr! About the meet, please give me until this week end to confirm the dates. You see, I'm no longer FREE! ((((((
  6. Congratulations, first of all! Well done, you. Is the job offer from London or KSS deanery? If it is London, as you might already know, they are a law unto themselves, so good luck with getting any information from them. If it is the KSS deanery, they will usually have a telephone helpline, and the medical staffing / deanery staffing might be able to guide you. My guess is they are still allocating posts for the existing ST4/5s in rotation, so you might know from them in a couple of weeks' time. Hope this suffices.
  7. Not just FREE but also C@$7r@73d! By the way, is the T20 ticket still up for grabs?!
  8. Congratulations on the 10000, Sagir! Well done! *claps* Who can beat you!
  9. Just goes to show idiots have a lot of time on their hands! (Oops, it implicates me!!! )
  10. No, Sagir. It's just that our Insane has a huge catalogue of blonde jokes up his sleeve and I have some very dizzy secretaries in my team. In market terms, demand is requesting increased supply!
  11. The ICC have decided to shut the minnows out of the next 2 editions of the World cup by reducing the number of teams to 10. Bad ICC! And joy to England which can continue poaching Irish players!
  12. Was there an option for dual training in the application website?
  13. Congrats, gemrah! I have a couple of ignorant queries: What deanery does Oxford come under? Does this mean they have started shortlisting and calling for interviews from the training programmes rather than deaneries then?
  14. I'm itching for some blonde jokes. Now where is Insane?
  15. Let's face it: we are all self-righteous and selfish in our own degrees! It's not right, but isn't it true?