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  1. Thanks. I have sent emails to the deanery as well specific MMC person mentioned on the their website asking them to clarify the situation. I dont expect much but still no harm in expressing my concerns.
  2. That makes me think what was the rationale of 10th June as the cutoff date? If reoffers continue to be made to the same candidates then it would spoil 48hr deadlines and hence would be a waste of time and also making people in the waiting list wait longer for any offers.
  3. Please come forward for any suggestions on this matter. Thanks
  4. Hi all At this stage, can one deanery send a reoffer for a run through programme in one specialty to a candidate who has already accepted a runthrough in another specialty and another deanery before 10th June 2007 ? Isn't the name already taken out of the allocations system as although MTAS is off but still restrictedly available to PG Deans ? Can the deanery who sent the re offer now still accept the candidate's acceptance ? Declaration of interest : that acceptance affects my chance of an offer, being the candidate next in line. Any views most welcome. Thanks
  5. No disrespect intended but when u put wales as one of the choices, did u not know that u might end up getting wales and u might have to relocate. Anyway congrats for the job.
  6. I am in the same situation. Nothing offered but shortlisted first time. In Wales, they did not vary the stations at all - exactly same OSCE & same presentation and exactly same questions in the third station. Quite a significant advantage for people coming later on, though no fault of theirs.
  7. Hi friends Anybody got any ST4 from the waiting list. GA, Forensic. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I think in this mess one should go for a safer option, having accepted the offer first in order to avoid any complication ie keep the offer first accepted. Although the system is unfair, but that should not guide us to make decisions which might prove to be complicated later on. Anyway that is my personal view. and as far as i understand MTAS website might be off for the candidates but it is still available for use by the postgraduate deans.