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  1. Hi Guys How is the Locum Market, how much is the consultant pay rates with capped rates and other stuff, would it be worth considering Locum and quitting substantive jobs
  2. I hope the guys doing locum have heard about the recent news and update on IR 35. The Locum Doctors Union (LDU) have challenged the IR 35 and there are some updates on their website Locum Doctors should join the LDU to strengthen the cause. Best Wishes.
  3. Hello, for those following Premier league footfall you should have been shocked at the sacking of Claudio Ranieri Leicester club manager who ached the impossible of league champions has been sacked. in life nothing is permanent and our memeory is short. can any one imagine sacking the manager who achieved the impossible, he was supposed to be immortal but alas life and reality is different. we have to relasie this . sports is a great leveller, people on top few months can be brought to their knees, so cruel that's life wake up best. Wishes
  4. Thanks littleteapot for your response
  5. Hello, how would the IR 35 affect the Locums working through limited company. how much the difference of pay would be. Could any one throw some light. Many Thanks
  6. click on this e -mail, you might find some useful information on DCP good luck
  7. Hi, Single Male , with mental health problems , I would say is high risk of suicide, If there is self harm issues , this has to be taken seriously, the problem is Malesdo not discuss issues of self harm and thoughts of suicide openly so any information or inclinations about suicidal ideation has to be taken very seriously. atthe end of the day in psychiatry risk assessment is the '' bread and butter ''of psychiatrist!'' PS : please do a thorough Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  8. Hi bp6028, well you should think what you want in life and write down your options and think is your family life predominates your professional life. if your partner is supportive and can manage child care , there is no dearth of Locums. if you feel you are stretched talk to your consultant, try to ease your job. maintain a fine balance between personal and professional life. Every one can give their views and opinions but remember the final decision is yours. good luck
  9. Life is so unpredictable, really sad with the sudden death of Dr Gurpal, fine gentleman. We all should endeavour to make our life more fruitful and productive and continue to strive for more humane causE
  10. Hello, my only suggestion is , as in any station is to go with an open mind , establish rapport with th patient /family. Always start the station with open question and likes asking for example how can I help you !!!! Some thing similar on those lies and allow the family to ask questions, my approach would be let them lead you rather then you dictating terms . be flexible in your approach and go with an open mind . Others may differ , at the end of the day the examiners have to make sure that you listen to the concerns of th patients/ relatives and adress their concerns. my personal opinion other s may differ in three views. Best wishes
  11. Hi Dr Krish, My view at the end of the day is what are you comofortable in ??. As an SHO I used to wear ties ,as I progressed in my carreer, I was more comfortable without ties and no one questioned me. I don't wear any ties any more, people may defer in their opinions , but my view has always been You may take opinions/suggestions from others but the final decisions has to be yours and only yours !!!! good luck
  12. Really Sad, I am shocked . my thoughts are with his family and friends may his soul RIP
  13. Hello All, just wondering what is the current pay rates for Consultants ? I have heard that in some places that the Locum Cap has not been applied and they continue to get the pay as before. How are the Doctors doing locum coping with the reduced rates .
  14. Moderator hope you will be able to post this case, as I have not included any confedential information about the patient. Hello All, I would like to discuss about an challenging case scenario. Recently I reviewed a 70 yr old gentleman with recurrent depressive disorder , he has a history of cardiac Arrythmia ,he was very poorly due to his cardiac condition that he was give few years to live in 2011,but fortunately he pulled through. Physically he was well , but due to recurrent depressive disorder , after trials with SSRI and Mirtazapine he was prescribed Venlafaxine , (by the previous doctor) he did very well on it , but the GP queried the prescription of Venlafaxien due to the history of Cardiac Arrythmia. Sought advise from the cardiologist, he stated the risks are high with venlafaxine in people with Arrythmia .Meeting was held with the patient, family and the pharmacologist and the medication was changed back to SSRI. unfortunately the patient after a brief period had a relapse. The patient considering how well he has done on Venlafaxien , wants to to go back on Venlafaxine and he was ready to sign a declaration that no one should be held responsible if he suffers serious SE on Venlafaxine. sorry for the long post. I was just wondering what other forum members thought about the above case.
  15. I will like to join the peer group, I live in Wolverhampton and work as locum staff grade.

    will expet your reply on psych club.

    1. Vertigo



      we already  have started a peer group, will ask the other peer groups and will let you know