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  1. I think it is lateral medullary syndrome which is posterior inf cerebellar.atery.and as is was left side hemiparesis, it is right post inf cerebeller.m
  2. I think 65 to 70%.
  3. Comitment rather than compliance, was it persuasive style.of leadership? Mouse and the noise behind the ear of a child when presented with mouse, the conditioned stimulus was?,, was it the mouse? Dsm 5 personalities EMI, I guessed one to be schizotypal, dont remember the other two. The child when.left by.mother and joined by mother and him being angry with mother, attachment pattern? anxious resistant? People who look attractive are also thought to be intelligent just by appearance? halo effect or beauty effect? How to reduce group think,, open debate? Sick role,, there is no desire to get better?. Any one else remember any other psychology questions plz?
  4. Zolpidem, omega1 Akinetic mutism, anterior cerebral artery Raising hand,.bp fall, subclavian artery Left hemiparesis with right facial numbness, right post inferior cerebellar artery??? Hearing friends voice from another city, extra campine Formication, haptic hallucinations, Ventral tegmental area is located in...mid brain Mmpi, self report Alzhimers assessment tools, ?? any idea which ones were those? Attachment behaviour starts at? Cooking breakfast,, procedural memory What breakfast is? semantic? Need to buy for tomorrow? working memory? Effect of Clozapine, ECt? I thought its very epileptogenic hence will reduce threshold for fits? other options were a bit ambiguous I thought psycology was tough, neuro and pharma was okish. Comitment rather than compliance, was it persuasive style.of leadership?
  5. It was I flumazel, it was for GABA
  6. i was also very carefull with the time, even then i struggled alot. I had to leave that peice of shit study un touched where they compared some scales in childrens. Guessed all answeres.
  7. Sarvenaz wrote on Yesterday at 10:43pm: a patient works and rives at 6:30 am and wants night sedation. based on half life, which of these is the best? A. Temazepam B. Diazepam C. Zolpidem D. Zopiclone E. Lorazepam the answer is: C(zolpidem's half life is shorter than zopiclone) Option E is Zaleplon and it has much shorter haf life there was another option of Flurazepam,,which is the correct answere. it has the shortest half life ,,,from PASSTEST NOTES
  8. Hi every one, shall we start discussing the EMIs and MCQs now?
  9. i think this time the pass percentage would be high as most of the questions were straight forward and were mostly from Manchester course notes.
  10. I hope the Royal college learns from their mistakes ( i hope they do, because they havent in past). I hope the Royal college passes every one who appeared just to compensate for the emotional trauma after the exam :'(
  11. i havent got the appropriate abusive words in my mind to explain the paper, so NO COMMENTS, :-X just to advice any one who wants to re appear in the exam, PLEASE DONT, caz this is giving us PTSD, by humiliating us, and failing us again and again,
  12. Shall i start the ball rolling for the up coming paper1 and 2 . Let the discussions begin
  13. Re: some doubts, in todays paper Reply #13 - Today at 7:03pm in frontal lobe damage neglect of body part can occur topographic loss can occur in frontal lobe damage False in factitious disorder there is unfounded conviction of having pysical diseases Went for True sleepwalking is an example of automatism False in psycology aggression is widely accepted ,,dont remember reciprocal inhibition is associated wiyh operant conditioning , False( classical) cotard syndrome is commonly associated with schizophrenia false, not commonly over 35% of people have depression after stroke true carl jung describe wholeness , dont remember double vision is seen in 70% of werneke enchephalopaty true,( due to Nystagmas) antisocial personality is used in DSM IV while dissocial in icd10,( i think the question was the other way around, and i went for true, antisocial in icd, and dissocial in dsm,)
  14. EMI doubts Risk of suicide - Living alone, recent discharge from psych ward and ?alcohol abuse Risk of depression - Female, Living alone, ?alcohol abuse Risk of late onset schizophrenia - Female, Living alone and sensory disability Other choices Hypertension Some others?? , i went for Alcohol abuse with depression