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  1. To go or not to go back to India is the question... I have heard of many psychiatrists who went back, but could not remain there due to financial & other reasons. if any one has made the move recently, I would love to hear from you. thanks in advance.
  2. Posting after a very long time... What do people think of consultants hot desking? CTs & STs already hot desk in many trusts.. is it a good or bad thing?
  3. Pre ordered??
  4. I do lead an interesting life and meet some really weird and wonderful people......in supervision today, I raised the issue of workload and the time it takes to complete all the paperwork ( all our records are online and very cumbersome!!!). I have been advised to go on a typing course and improve my typing skills to be more efficient!! I used to pride myself on my handwriting, but alas that's an obsolete skill! I wish my parents had sent me to secretarial school instead of medical school. The other thing is that I have been told, I am struggling because I have moved from a Specialty Doctor job to ST4 job. I used to think it was the other way round, but I find I am just being used as a sponge to mop up the team workload. Also scared how it will affect my ARCP if I ask for support, so damned if I do and damned if I don't............
  5. Well, the focus of Forensic Psychiatry is to contain society's anxieties and treat patients (whose disorders are in many ways treatment resistant) as best as possible. I can appreciate it can be very frustrating and if that is the case, it is probably not a good option for you, but other people may find it challenging and interesting.
  6. Hi I have just been told by the HR dept in the trust where I am due to start ST4-6 in GA that they have already filled all the on calls until August and there is currently no place for new starters! I am quite concerned whether it will be approved for training, besides implications for salary. Can the trust do this? Is there anyone else who is or has been in this situation?
  7. I have just started a new job as a Specialty Doctor in General Adult. I did a clinic this afternoon, finished my dictations & online notes etc by 5 past 5. When I got up to leave, the consultant I share the office with, (not my supervising consultant), said to me do you not know clinicians are supposed to finish at quarter past 5, please check with your consultant. I was just taken aback. My understanding is that our working hours are 9 till 5. Fair enough if there is ongoing work, we stay on to finish it. But normal working time finishes at 5. Am I right or wrong? Any thoughts?
  8. Exactly my experience with nurse consultants!!
  9. What do people think of this? Intensive training for 2years and can examine, diagnose and develop management plans. I am sure at some point they will get prescribing powers too. http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk/explore-by-career/doctors/careers-in-medicine/physician-associate/
  10. You need an upgrade!
  11. It's fantastic! Just the thing I wanted. Excellent clarity even in low light, haven't really used the external flash. Very pleased with the camera.
  12. Would be grateful if anyone can help with possible questions that can be asked in an interview for General Adult Specialty Doctor job.
  13. Voice of reason!!!
  14. After much deliberation about whether to buy Sony or a Samsung or Canon or Fujifilm, I went and bought a Sony NEX5T today. Debated between the NEX5T (16megapixel) and A5000 (20 megapixel), but went for the former as it has a hot shoe(which I may or may not use, but it's there if I want to attach a viewfinder) I shall set it up tonight. Let's see what happens and what I can do with it.
  15. Why don't you try trusted reviews and DP review as well. I'm waiting for my 4 yr old bridge camera to die... I thought I would ask 'trusted' experts here!!! Yup and that's what we recommend You want me to learn to catch fish . Shall do, and Phaedrus has given me one, so I have one in my basket.! What bridge camera do you have, if I may ask?