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  1. Its nice to hear an update from a seasoned member. Your posts are analytical and helpful slartibartfast. Good luck with your next part of your journey outside London
  2. Congratulations Dr Dave. Fantastic achievement indeed. Best wishes for your career to progress as per your wishes
  3. We earn decent money being in this profession but totally agree that what we earn is disproportionately low considering the hard work, stress and responsibility that comes with practising medicine. Some doctors do earn well but mostly we have poor financial and business acumen.
  4. well done..not an easy task
  5. Sad and unexpected.. Your contribution to this field will be remembered for long...RIP Gurpal.
  6. Hi Vertigo, Sorry to hear about your loss. Your advice / learning point to the forum is much appreciated
  7. Reflection process template ( roughly based on RCPsych/ GMC guidelines) Title and Description of the Activity Include the date of activity Number of continuing professional development (CPD) hours claimed Why was this activity selected for CPD? 1 Describe the purpose of the learning activity. This might be aligned with the domain as described by the College (clinical, academic, professional) or by the GMC (knowledge, skills and performance; safety and quality; communication and teamwork; maintaining trust). 2 Describe what was learnt and the key messages. These could be linked to other experience and knowledge. Critically and objectively analyse the learning taken away from the activity. 3 Consider the application of the learning to specific practice. Consider the relevance to work and any practical obstacles to implementation. What might be done differently in the future? 4 Identify further actions. Have gaps in knowledge or skills been identified? In order to improve practice, what else is needed? Are there further learning requirements? What, when and how will change take place? How can completion of the objective be evidenced at appraisal? This final step might identify further learning required in order to complete the PDP or identify items for a future PDP.
  8. Great job Kamran. I'm really amazed and inspired by your persistence and positivity. I'm really happy for you. Best wishes for the future ( I'm one of the innumerable SEC users who have benefited from your posts in 2008/09)
  9. Indian scene can be chaotic but you feel that you are more in control over what you do.....more choices are there but one has to get used to the uncertainty in earnings,etc...
  10. Thats true..passion is important
  11. Fabulous actor. Will be greatly missed RIP
  12. Afterlife- I sincerely wish you success in your life and career... this unreliable exam system doesn't reflect your true calibre.
  13. Interesting Radio 4 production http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rr377
  14. Nice video..have you considered uploading in youtube as well?
  15. Hi, first shortlist a few areas which you are interested in developing more expertise on top of the 3 yrs you are going to spend training according to the college curriculum. then discuss with your educational supervisor about your choices..you'll be expected to justify why you made the choices and how it will be helpful in your career. You can train out of rotation for your spl interest sessions and the duration can be negotiated according to your training need.. But first check the curriculum requirements...I thought you need to complete research competencies before you can do spl interest sessions.. may be it is different for different specialities..ask your seniors in your training scheme /educational supervisor