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  1. Thank you slartibartfast,I'll certainly consider attending the course you recommended. It seems stahls book is the book many people mentioned.
  2. many thanks to all. thank you Dorian.
  3. NB DONT SAY THIS IN INTERVIEWS One of them or alike may be interviewing you!
  5. Shared medical authority with ignorant non qualified nurses(may be coz it seems to them easier than eg diagnosing mucopolysacharidoses or treating hypomagnisaemia!!!
  6. Hi all, I have a few days to go through clinical psychopharmacology(not for exam purposes) Any Recommended text book in Clinical Psychopharmacology?
  7. First of all you need to sort out your registration with the Irish Medical Council IMC website: http://www.medicalcouncil.ie/ Then (or mean while) start applying for the training schemes announced mainly(but not only)on this site: http://www.careersinhealthcare.ie/ Some schemes have better reputation in training than others but that is not that much impotant at the beginning of your carrer. I think you stand an excellent chance of shortlisting!! Good Luck to you.
  8. I rang the membership office today and they confirmed to me they got the money and that I can use the MRCPsych Letters beside my name(I am doing that ANYWAY FOR A FEW DAYS) and they said a welcome letter will be sent to me within a week or two. With regard to the Certs they said it will take 4-6 weeks as they should be handwritten.
  9. Thank you all for the very good information.
  10. After passing part two and sending the fees and forms,how long it takes to get the MRCPsych Cert??
  11. Thanks Vivacious,useful information. Now,I considered the writtenII as paper III,however,eventually I passed the clinical exam,so may quote MRCPsych as soon as the college gets my £506 I posted today!! The problem with my profile update is that I FORGOT MY PASS WORD!
  12. Thanks everybody, Anyone aware of any research or review on the subject?
  13. Any body knows about neurolinguistic programming can tell me? Any books about etc?
  14. plycystic ovary was mentioned with valproate given <18 girls,see NICE BPAD GUIDES may be this is why she got irritated.This alone should not fail you,so relax.
  15. Waiting for vote results.