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  1. Good Job Pratish...
  2. very well written post Mani... best of luck to both of you... happy diwali in advance
  3. there you go... the flyer for the conference
  4. nice t*ts pratish
  5. i got the LG Arena Orange Racoon... 600 cross net min +Unlimited Landlines + unlimited calls to orange Magic numbers + 500MB internet access all for 20/month Phone is kinda OK... can be described as a 'poor man's Iphone' the camera is good... esp the video capture and the screen is good resolution... processor a bit slow i think (or my fingers are fast).. interface is a bit frustrating at times... needs too many clicks to get to where u want to... but on brighter side I love it that it synced like a breeze to my MS Outlook... that was one thing that kept me going back to WM phones... free at last!!!! will write more once i use it for a while
  6. Congrats Maverick!!! and thanks for a very useful post..
  7. hehehe.. how the mighty have fallen.. what with [highlight]you n me cursing pratish and his iphone[/highlight] a few months ago..
  8. vodafone website is doing 300 extra minutes if u get N97 online... orange is giving it free if u get it on Dolphin (unlimited texts).. I think it would be a good choice although I personally am now persuaded enough to get the 3Gs for my Bday in August...
  9. I have a touch diamond for last 16 month (thankfully coming to end of contact in august)... I would strongly suggest that U use it (in shop perhaps) before buying it coz its one of the most frustrating things u will ever do, trying to use internet on Diamond... I say that coz the zoom in and out is dependent on tapping and moving the page is dependent on scrolling... so inadvertently u would zoom in, then try to move the page and bam!!! u are zoomed out... after u have been thru it a few times u just give up!!! as for the touch flo... again I found it quiet irritating that u couldnt lock it in touch flo mode (or atleast I never figured out how to) ...this meant that u could easily have thefone in ur pocket and press the last called number or the first number on ur fone list... A colleague of mine kept getting called from my phone and I wouldnt speak (coz the fone was in pocket and i wasnt aware).. On one occassion after 8-9 calls he thought i was in trouble and even considered calling the police !!! thankfully he knew my other number and called me on that... Summary: You have been warned
  10. it was in support of those with HIV i guess
  11. I dont know about that... I do hope they do, but the team looked a shadow of itself against westindies... The batsmen couldnt give a good start while the bowlers just failed to strike and break partnerships
  12. dpm

    if u dont mind my asking what do u do??
  13. dpm

    i couldnt agree more its getting tight everywhere.. private sector too is not that easy to break into esp if u havent got NHS experience
  14. dpm

    thanks... i do agree with you, only partly though... its true that there are a lots of patients in the private sector and with the advent of Foundation Trusts it wont be long before some managers start thinking of bringing them back into the NHS fold... however it may not be that simple... The private sector services are usually comlimentary to NHS and they seem to have a low threshold of accepting 'difficult' patients that NHS doesnt want on its books... Secondly some of the services (read women services, forensic LD, Brain Injury Rehab, Services for the deaf etc would need to be built from a scratch... i.e massive initial investments that might put a lot of FTs off who would rather want to develop low investment high return services like ADHD assessment clinics or Aspergers assessment clinics which dont need much infrastructure) Having said that, as a Forensic SpR I wish I am wrong and you are right 8-)
  15. dpm

    what makes u say so?