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  1. My understanding if the following: - If RANZCP outcome is non-comparable then you have to consider an alternative route to the specialist pathway i.e standard AMC exam route and then start psychiatry training here. You can still get some time recognized though - There is no specific time or experience. It all depends on what you have achieved during training time and competences extra. Unless you apply, no one will be able to advise you of the likely outcome of your assessment Please be mindful that you can not get approval to work as an area of need specialist if you are partially comparable Good luck
  2. The substantial comparability pathway is currently closed. Your only option to work in an AoN job is to apply for specialist assessment. Switching to the SCP once it reopens is very easy. Good luch
  3. In case anyone is interested: Good luck
  4. This is new to me. I came under this Pathway and now hold General registration! The general theme here is that of making things more and more difficult for IMGs. Simpler paperwork processes but more eligibility requirements. I think I was a middle stage between opening completely in 2008 for PLABers who got unconditional General Registration and now not making them eligible. In my case I was given General registration with a condition to restrict my practice to Psychiatry. Worse to come but shortly after that another crisis will arise and then rules will lax etc
  5. Hi Rantdoc Congratulations on being on the SCP. i was not aware that results are out already. I find the outcome a bit strange. You have been accepted but not starting before 14 more months! With regards to AHPRA, I am aware of cases where registration has been renewed beyond four years. This should not be a problem. Another option would be making a new application for registration rather than renewing. This should be straightforward. The national Law states that renewal may not be given for more than three times but a new application can be made. What I suggest now is that you take advantage of this and request the college to reconsider your starting date in view of this. As per the published communique regarding SCP, RANZCP is prioritizing candidates approaching the end of their 4 years limited registration. You may want to consider contacting your OTP representative in the relevant state, if in Victoria it will be myself. You can get my E mail or that of your local representative by following this link: Good luck NY
  6. Ana if you have done PLAB you are eligible for General registration with AHPRA after 1 year. General registration qualifies you for PR Regardless of fellowship. With SCP, selection of cases can be difficult. In the public sector you have to carry a lot of risk because of pressure on resources. Also you may not be able to manage patients in the ideal way as, for example, you do not have an OT or social worker extra. While assessors consider this, it can be difficult to present a good ideal case in real world. Another simple example is that you may have to type GP letters yourself as you have minimal admin support. Of course you can not present a case where you only wrote in the notes and have not communicated thoroughly with the GP. Many other examples apply but in general the CBD is not like we had in the UK a 20 minute informal discussion over a cup of coffee. It is very formal.
  7. I am not sure about New Zealand but what rant doc said has an element of truth. I have the following further comments: - your life before FRANZCP will be like a hell. I have thought several times of going back to the UK. You are a doctor on limited registration, allowed only to work in one location for one employer. You can not work in the private sector. You spend most of you LIFE filling paperwork for different beurecratic authorities. You are not permanent resident in the country and you work only in public sector which is worse than the developing country I came from in most cases - if you compare the above to being a British citizen and fully qualified specialist, definitely the UK wins - after FRANZCP, you are free to move among hospitals, free to do locums, free to start private practice (with limitation on the area for 10 years), you can apply for PR, from from filling endless application. Salary can be as much or as little as you want I.e if you want to work 100 hours a week, you will find work. - if you compare the above with the so called revalidation, limited job opportunities, salary, very competitive private sector and UK weather then definitely Australia wins The bottom line is that IT IS NOT AN EASY MOVE, even if you have CCT. substantial comparability pathway is perceived as an easier pathway but it involves a lot of preparation and challenges as well. My 12 months SCP was not easy at all. Rantdoc, the pathway will reopen again in 2015. Do not worry. I was in your position and stayed 8 months on the exam route. Finish Aboriginal and NGO now and just wait. Contact your local OTP committee representative if you need help. Details can be found on RANZCP website
  8. Hi NY_ Where can I get more information about the change from 1st September? I have had a look at the RANZCP website but couldn't find anything on this. It is now on RANZCP website
  9. As of 1st of September, you need a job offer in Australia to apply for Specialist Pathway. Non training jobs do not need any college assessment if you done PLAB and one year training in the UK. This is the competent Authority Pathway. This is an option for a year then you can easily get a training post. You can even get a specialist in an area of need but this is becoming more and more difficult now. My advise is get to Australia as soon as you can on ANY job and things will be much better thereafter.
  10. Competent Authority Pathway is how one can apply through training pathway without MRCPsych. All what is needed in PLAB + 1 year in the UK. This gives you registration with AHPRA. upon completing one year and getting a general registration, you can apply to RANZCP as a trainee and get your experience retrospectively accredited
  11. You do not have to do separate jobs or training for indigenous and NGO. You can do them as part of advanced training or basic training in other jobs or even at a consultant post (Area of need). It generally depends on how you present your training. Try to mention all details about every single job. You may be required to do more basic training if you have not done child or liaison jobs. RANZCP requires both during basic training. Having read your last post, it appears that you will apply through the training pathway rather than specialist pathway. I am not sure if this has changed yet and you can apply directly to RANZCP. Check with the college anyway. What I know is that you can come and work here without applying for the college at all. This may be an idea as they definitely will credit more for your experience here.
  12. It will be the same timeline if you apply to AMC now as it is likely to take 6-8 weeks. Better wait until the 1st of July. It is however important to remember that you need to apply for credential verification (EICS) with AMC as soon as possible. The 10 years moratorium starts from the day of first registration. By the time you finish the training pathway you will already have passed a few years. Moratorium still applies in the training pathway. It even applies for medical students of Australian schools if they were not permanent residents at time of joining the school. Do not ask what is the rationale for all this because there is not any apart from the openly discriminatory Australia
  13. You will go up from the 1st of August and with every increment theresfter. What you can negotiate is the starting point
  14. Definitely negotiate relocation. Do not bother about salary packaging now. It is standard in all public sector jobs. Basically it means receiving about 9k of your salary pretax (gross) so you end up not paying tax for them. The contract and salary is regulated by a state wide agreement from AMA VICTORIA. What you can negotiate is the starting point ie year 2,3,4 extra. I was initially put on year 3 specialist with only 6 months of consultant experience in the UK. After fellowship, I negotiated a few steps increase in the salary. Everything here is by negotiation so try to maximise the salary starting point. Let me know if you want further help
  15. I am not sure why SagirParkar would have second thoughts about private hospitals. In my opinion, it is much less risky at registrar level and perhaps better paid If you do not like what you choose then changing jobs is as easy as applying for new registration and perhaps another college interview. It is likely to take a good few months of paperwork and waiting. Once this is done you have to change your visa sponsorship with immigration. Changing jobs is a NIGHTMARE before you get General or Specialist registration