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  1. Hi all I did a locum through Medacs in different Trusts from Aug 2010-Aug2011. I am in the process of sorting the tax affairs of my Limited Company which stopped working from then. My accountant has advised me that I should have been VAT registered when my earnings crossed 73000GBP. He has suggested to ask Medacs to issue VAT payment to me retrospectivelyy He thinks that I should get registered now and pay 2200GBP VAT Any ideas?
  2. All the best everyone...Hope its a big day with great news for you:)
  3. Best of luck everyone... Hope all goes well...
  4. I found Andrew Iles to be quite useful book in terms of the format and content, all concise and appropriate Would recommend over others!
  5. Hi I had this station as well and passed... it was transpired that his Sinemet dose was increased recently and since then the symptoms came I reflected back through commented on speech, thoughts racing covered the risk asked by drug alcohol history of depression and any antidepressant use explored his goal directed activies
  6. I think it sounds like really good idea....fresh breeze like as the same course organisers...doing same things..same newness...took 4 times for me to pass the exam...attended almost every course....missed one organised by local or British graduates....
  7. I had this station and passed it ... I first explored what type of therapy she was having..didnt immediately assume (asked about same therapist,same place,same time) Enquired about her concerns She vented out her anger against the therapist, started after the 4th session because therapist reminded her of her husband Bill Explored her relationship with Bill..she said the therapist voice reminded her of Bill the way he sspoke etc I asked if therapist has done anything against her, or has said anything which could be making her upset, she denied Then i reflected back explained what transference common it could be...and that the therapist is on her side...putting her the evidence what she said...finally suggested her to continue with the therapy Hope it helps!
  8. Can anybody advise : where to get 3 months pay slips for LTD company also what sort of letter from the accountant is needed? Do I need to get a letter from the Agency,,,that I am working through them or will it be through the HR of the Trust?
  9. passed...4th attempt donno what to say...except that multliple factors play role...including an element of subjectivity. Not a good way to examine....anyone! Only message to those who werent lucky this time is to Persist!Persevere!...You will do it like others...only matter of time!!
  10. Oh!...................
  11. 7 days...and we will hear! How is everyone feeling?
  12. I had this in the exam and failed! did MMSE +Clock test Was discussing with other ppl, someone was saying that I needed to do Memory testing in detail as per ICD-10"quite markly affected" Any suggestions? anybody who passed this?
  13. same position! passed 11 stations:( any update on the appeal.. how you got on? Thanks
  14. Anybody knows about the template for letter of support from the College Tutor , for more than 3 attempts ?