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  1. Hi Yusuf 

    can you kindly share your experience in HK casc? Why did you appear in Singapore casc for the next time? What is the current pass rate of Hong king casc. 

    I am deciding whether to appear or not in the HK casc center in October ?

    Kindly update would really be obliged .

  2. My Skype ID is Myo.kyaw411 please add me My email address is myothankyaw@gmail.com
  3. Hello i need trying to invite you but there are so many similar names what is your Skype ID please
  4. Hello Dr Anandmishra yes I will invite you on skype is there a user name or do I just put in your email address with crosses at the end i am currently in south east Asia and o leave so my local time is closer to your local time I trained and is currently working inUK i have attempted casc twice and the last attempt was in HK in October 2017
  5. I am also looking for a study partner to practice on Skype for September 2018 exam please let me know if you are interested
  6. I am also interested to practice for the exam in May in Singapore
  7. Dr Ibrahim i have sent you invite on Skype you will see my Skype invite as myo.kyaw441
  8. Is anyone interested in refreshing physical examinations stations before the exam I am Ina hotel in Aberdeen are I have equipment with me brought to make revision easier
  9. Hello i am in HK i am trying to find a partner to practice examination stations with candidates who are in HK before the exam i am staying in a hotel in Aberdeen area
  10. In your portfolio based on your staff grade experience try putting things you have specifically in the specialty you are applying in and try highlighting it. I dont know if the panel will see the portfolio before on goes into the interview or it might be along with you. This is brief guide but you dont have to stick to it: A copy of your CV including previous posts Your personal development plan Any assessments you have undertaken Feedback from previous posts and references Evidence of reflective practice (this could be some short pieces that you have written where you have thought about an interaction with a patient) Copies of any audits you have completed Copies of any presentations you have done Records of any teaching you have undertaken Hope this helps
  11. Just to let you all know that the wales ST4 jobs for 2011 have been advertised and the last date for applications is 13th may http://specialty.walesdeanery.org/index.php/recruitment.html
  12. Wishing every one the very best of luck
  13. Good Luck to all !!!