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  1. I have finished a paper which was rejected by the Psych Bulletin and when I read the reviewer's opinions I made some changes but they want new data to publish it now. My question is this : Where else to go to get something published if it's a survey of Consultants opinions ?
  2. Just for the record - the actual percentage is 86 % UK graduates that passed. Not that that changes it much from 92 %. I think what is alarming is that if you qualified in this country you had such a high chance of passing. Which begs the question - what are they testing ? Language skills/ psychiatric knowledge and application. We recently realised that you had a much higher chance of being shortlisted if you matched (Myers-Briggs) your assessors in a management course. If you are from a middle class background and went to a half decent school - your grammar and pronunciation will be spot on. My advice to non-uk graduates - listen to Radio 4 and start softening that accent ! No really...
  4. I agree. The defenition I think we are going to accept is that someone is a delayed discharge if their team (medical and nursing) feel that from medical point they do not need further acute hospital admission. Our hospital has CRHT - 24/7 but do not currently gatekeep. They do early discharge however, but on not a lot of capacity due to poor staffing. The themes so far include : poor supported housing resources, voluntary sector that is patchy with ill defined criteria, awaiting OT/Housing assessments etc., patient/family choice impacting
  5. Our trust has immense problems with delayed discharges. As part of my management experience I am looking into this. Would like to hear what people think are the most important reasons for delayed discharges in Urban Teaching hospitals and what can be done about it? (Million dollar question !!) figurative - no money actually available
  6. I have worked as both SHO and SPR in CRHT teams for more than 18 months. It was great working in a team that worked well and it was challenging in one that didn't. The role of the Staff grade/SPR (Section 12) depends on what support you have from SHO/Nurse practitioner and ofcourse the consultant. It is busy - but if you stick to the fidelity of the HTT it works well. We decided to have clinics where doctors can assess patients once a week rather than ward rounds. And loads of home visits. You need to be FLEXIBLE and be able to do homevisit last minute. I used to attend all the team meetings in morning or afternoon. That way you keep up with the high turnover and you are seen as visible and not hiding away in ivory tower. Team will respect value you if you respect/value them. CRHT seems to attract the best nursing staff/social workers - so they will be good, but also have different opinions - that's ok if team is strong... the consultant has veto right. lol I really enjoyed my time with CRHT and even ended up doing some research on it. NAO 'Value for money' is a good place to start doing some reading about what is not working so well at moment. I think the best clinicicians are eventualy going to gravitate towards these teams.... gatekeeping admissions, working with unwell at home, taking 'postive'risks etc. Very rewarding ! 8-)
  7. There is something a bit uneasy about this... if the movement wants to de-stigmatise mental illness, dressing up and playing to stereotypes is something that I don't think PRIDE has done for the LGBT community. It has rather become a celebration of diversity. Mental illness is an illness and I don't know whether you should be proud of that... or be ashamed for that matter. I think it will miss the point and like Big Brother recently actually become a bit of a circus... The dignity of sufferers needs to be respected and vulnerable people shouldn't be paraded throught streets so that we can feel good about ourselves...
  8. I have been to Luxor before and really enjoyed it. Stayed for a week in the Sheraton. Needed a VISA and got someone in London to do it for me - think it's called OMNIA visas. Love Scuba diving so I am flying to Sharm (south Egypt) in October - no visa required because if you stay less than 15 days you don't need a visa if you are flying via South Sinai...
  9. In this credit crunching time - still need to buy ourselves a little treat... Which affordable DSLR do you guys recommend? I am leaning towards the Panasonic Lumix DMC - FZ18... any good
  10. It's the General and Community psych annual meeting. It's in Manchester this time and running over two days. £80 pounds per day if you are trainee. Thanks for all the help - already started with the Powerpoint slide. Need to work on those diagrams.... doh !
  11. My abstract has just been accepted for a poster presentation at General Adult College annual meeting. Can people give me some practical advise on how to make that poster stand out or at least look professional ? Help would be much appreciated by some veteran presenters.
  12. I am currently reading 'Heal Thy Self' by Saki Santorelli Reminding me of why I got into this healing business...
  13. I must say that as an immigrant myself I find some of your statements confusing. I love England. I love the people - very liberal and accepting with wonderful friends from all over the world. I like the history and the literature. I like the concept of the NHS - free healthcare at the point of entry and with all it's problems it still delivers good care. Alien food, alien country. lol. I think that British cuisine is very good -= esp if you go to the right restaurants. I think we do sometimes have these 'moments' but we have a lot to be thankful for as well. In my country immigrants get the worst jobs that nobody wants... at least here we get treated equally (for now). MMC and the governments mishandling and workforceplanning is not an excuse to dis Britain. Neither is the frustration that accompanies moving to a new country (any country !). I am a trainee as well - and work well within the new system. &nbsp:lol:on't see nurses as a threat and this whole disullionement with the future of psychiatry needs reflection. I see a bright future... I have bought a house -(and now can't sell it -lol) not Britain's fault a few years earlier you would have made a killing. Credit crunching... New Ways of Working gets a bad press due to being implemented in some hospitals in a bad way. Supposed to make consultants job easier/ not take away authority .... What is your life ??.... the answer is Whatever you want it to be !! 8-) One of my friends couldn't get into surgery and is now a GP trainee... and he is happy with the compromise - his family sees him more and looks at life a little differently now. In the end it is just a job... Chin up !
  14. There is an excellent article in American Scientific Mind journal about Bisexual Animals and the role homosexuality plays in different animal groups. The findings are interesting... the more homosexual behaviour in a group - the more peaceful the species. (Let's all go gay and make the world a better place) John Barrowman's documentary was interesting as well for the biological evidence of homosexuality. My personal opinion is that it shouldn't matter anyway. In the dark ages left handedness was seen as wicked (sinistra = sinister). Is left handedness a disease that we need to cure ? Why are people left handed ? Is it biological or social ? Should psychiatrists help left handed peolple ? See where I am going with this? We should celebrate diversity and not put people in boxes.
  15. If I can give my two cents re Doctor/Nurse debate... If you want respect - you need to respect first. The dynamics within a team is very important - if they are going to work. If you want to lead a team and not just manage them, you need to get to know them, be 'visible' and not expect people to work hard without working hard yourself. A lot of times the nursing staff are older and have worked in their area of expertise for long time. You will do well to listen to them and show them respect... remember they have sometimes reached the pinacle of their career pathway. Nursing staff are generally not valued as much by trusts/government/ management and these frustrations are sometimes projected onto SPRs as they are seen as on their way to the ivory towers... Remind them that you are here to listen and learn. That is not to say that you should not disagree, but if you do - do so that the team cohesiveness is preserved. As I am leaving my current post - I will miss a lot of the nursing staff as I have come to value them as hardworking and knowledgable. However, bullying can happen - although it shouldn't and I have witnessed this - but this tend to happen to ST1 -3 more than SPRs. My advice is to complain. First to your consultant for advice and if that doesn't help to start filling in SUI's. Especially if someone is unprofessional - also inform their line manager. This goes for doctors/nurses/social workers etc. It sounds daunting but if you don't it will only continue - and don't wait until the end of your post. My advice is to keep written documentation and be prepared for an adversarial process. If you have witnesses it makes it a lot easier. Hopefully, you can prevent all that by making someone more self-aware by stating 'I FEEL that what you have just said is uncalled for...' etc. Important to say you FEEL that way. Don't forget when you are SPR to be nice to ST1 - 3.