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  1. Just informed that Cambridge course is not running on 8th and 9th Dec! Is there any way to get their( last) course material?
  2. I am interested.
  3. Not received letter. Does anybody know how long it can take? Very stressed.
  4. Good Luck to everyone.
  5. Well. I think nothing will change. They do what they want to do. We just follow what they tell us to do!
  6. Hi

    Sorry to see your status. Have you started from paper1. My part 1 is invalid. Not able to take any decision. Finding it very upsetting. Is it ok to ask suggestion whether it is worth trying this cycle again.

  7. More like a 'Monologue' or 'moaning logue' with our moans falling on deaf ears. Beacuse probably even they dont know anything anymore they have changed the rules so many times. My sincere advice is to take a break until the mess is sorted out. Is there any hope or news that something going to change? Has anybody( old part1) started this cycle again, please advice as it is very difficult to accept this failure and plan to restart from scratch.
  8. All quiet in this thread !!
  9. I think we should try every possible way.
  10. I think my fault was to pass Part1 at first attempt. Those who passed after few attempts now they are getting 1/2 more chances, not me. Its all unfair and unacceptable, there is no justice. We all (both part1 and paper1&2) should challenge it sooner.
  11. i hear ya dude loud and clear, and where is Synesthesia really? mayb you are right and he can guide us in this matter a bit more. I think Waqqus is preparing for next CASC. I know it is not right time to disturb him but if he could give us some advice/update! I also think Paper1&2 people should join us as It was clearly written that it will be parmanent. They might feel now its enough time to complete but due to poor pass rate it can be difficult within this time frame.
  12. I am with you to protest unfairness.
  13. I want to know as well.
  14. You are different than others as you had a good luck on the day of exam. I wonder, how did you know the other (failed )candidates effort in comparison to you. Are you publishing your study result soon? You sound very good and obedient, very soon you can be in How/Ant 's team. Welldone and thank you for your kind advice.