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  1. hi there people, good luck to all the part 2 guys. can anyone tell me the process or eligibility criteria for applying for a british passport? i've been in the country 7years and have had a resident permit for 3years (based on my EU non british spouse) can anyone advice me on the passport application process... am i eligible at all? thanks, x.
  2. why not try arranging with both to interview you at different times/ dates.... if you explain to them, you may be surprised that they accomodate your request however, i hope the logistics are not complicated by huge distances... if all fails, i'd go for the LAT- you stand a good chance of an NTN following a LAT. good luck
  3. hi all, i need some advice or views from people please... i'm starting my 2nd year as an spr in LD soon but my next placement is in a job where the consultant is winding down to retirement and therefore doing only 2 sessions a week. there is unlikely to be much clinical supervision and the current LAT SPR was pretty much left on his own. i don't want to make a big fuss to the programme director but i'm a bit worried about this arrangement. there are 2 other consultants on site who have said they will be on hand for advice. my questions are 1) can this job really count as a training post? 2) what do people suggest i do? :-/ :-/ :-/ x
  4. hi evan, sorry this is not to answer your question... i am also interested in dual forensic LD i am currently a single CCT LD spr. how did you sort out your dual and whats this distance law course? sorry i only have more questions but no aswers ??? ??? ??? x
  5. hergest unit is the general psychiatric unit attached to ysbty gwnnedd hospital. did a brief locum there. just like any other psych unit. it has old age and adult wards. no specialities as far as i'm aware. they also have a dementia assement ward so you may get old age. nice people generally. consultants o.k too sorry but i don't know about hotels or anything but i think liverpool airport is the closest!!!!! the train station is about 10mins drive though. shouldn't be any problems with the welsh accent. hope this helps.
  6. dear 'cafe' friends, help please, i would appreciate any advice on spr interveiws... how many people on the panel? what are the questions like? how long does it last? what are the latest 'buzz words' and any other helpful tips... if possible geared towards LD :-/ thanks a lot.
  7. dear osris, i don't know all the department of health 'speak' but i think valueing people is about helping people with learning disabilities live as normal a life as possible. it's about dignity, choice and respect. i think it came about after the closure of the old large 'village like' places where people with LD lived in a self sufficient community with little contact with the 'outside world' it was found out that they were not treated very well. valueing people is also about individual needs based care/ mangement. hope this helps. i'm sure valueing people is along these lines. good luck in your interveiw. by the way, is it for an LD job? if so please post the questions when you come back. i'm watching out for LD jobs myself.
  8. can anyone please tell me the difference between LAS and LAT? what are the implications of doing an spr locum as LAS? does it affect ones chances of getting a training number or getting on a substantive spr rotation??? help please o knowledgeable ones!!! :-[ thanks
  9. thanks amygdala and timtam
  10. can anyone who understands how a persons pay is protected/increased by doing a short staff grade post work out please explain it to me? does the same apply if one was doing locums? how does it all work out? what if one was on the highest pay point for a staff grade, would they still carry this over to an spr post? help!!! confused. ??? ??? ???
  11. hey sandeep, you forget that your name appeared on the pass list with 268 others... others who are looking for a job just like you. i don't think there's any bottle neck in psychiatry....yet! be patient, even if one is developing you have the qualifications to put you in good stead for jobs. you should be grateful you're not competing with hundreds of others which seems to be the case with SHO rotations now... speak to senior collegues and put out your 'feelers' you'll surely land a good job soon.
  12. i'm off to parkhead hospital in glasgow...(all the way from essex) anyone heard about this place, and any nice hotels nearby? more importantly, any 'glaswegian slangs' i should be aware of? speak up guys, i'm sure someone out there knows this place. see you there, gulley jimson.
  13. HHHEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!! i think the critical review paper is haunting me... since yesterday i've been having flasbacks and nightmares i think i may have PTSD - was totally clueless on part B :'( can i sue the college? can i?
  14. hey guys, i'm sure by now everyone taking part 2 on monday knows that 'nicotine patches improve concentration in non smokers' i'm a non smoker getting increasingly anxious about the exam... i am currently seriously contemplating being covered in nicotine patches on monday for the exams. maybe that'll help me consolidate all my 'knowlegde' anyone want to join me? :o
  15. sorry, don't listen to my confused ramblings i meant pri. eneuresis :-X