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  1. I wonder to know whether anyone is interested in consultant interview practice on Skype If you are interested , please let me know qudrat72@gmail.com
  2. sorry for repetition of the post , some technical problem , I did not realised
  3. Can someone advise me regarding pension? I initially contributed for two years & 2 months then opted out for 2years and again joined since 2009.Is it worth contributing keeping in mind increase monthly payment last month and further increase next year? Retirement age will be 67 for us and less lump sum and so on……..
  4. Preparation: Get the study materials SPMM, Oxford and birminghamm ect Attend one course and at least couple of mock exams Join a group of 3-4 people Meet 3-4 times a week and 2 weeks before exam everyday You can also find someone to practice on skype when you are not in group Understand the task very well Do what has been asked Make a structure in your mind before entering the station If the patient tries to ask something, answer it but remeber to come back to your stucture Overall approach is the most important Keep the actor at ease Show interest in simulator listen to simulator, do not ignore the simulator, if you do not him/her because of noise or other reseaon , say, Can you say that again? if the patient is talking in low tone , say, ' Could you please speak a bit louder because the enviroment is noisy'? Be nice and polite to the simulator, try to smile. If english is not your first language, then try to write phrses for each station and memorise the phrases, it helps alot. Do not rush the actor, speak slowly Try to finish the main tasks in each station and very important aspect of the station if you could not finish the station,say i will come back & I would like to ask .................. Say thanks at the end on the day of exam ,try to be relax, confident,smiling and professional if you have any question you can email me qudrat72@gmail.com
  5. good luck!
  6. Is there any distant learning degree course relevant to LD Psychiatry? I will start ST4 LD and iI am keen to do Msc degree as a special interest. I would appreciate your advice.
  7. I have been offered GAP, old age and LD in Scotland. I accepted LD
  8. you get exra sessions on top of your basic salary, it depends on banding
  9. what about EoE?
  10. anyone got shortlisted in LD
  11. there might not be many andidates then. I also scored less than 20. How do you know the cut off was 20. Anyone from scotland ?
  12. Can I ask you for which specialty you have been shortlisted?<BR><BR>
  13. no one is talking about scottish interviews??
  14. I do not believe this, it must be 1:3