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  1. I agree - nothing worse than spending the 30s reading and no time to think strategies!!! v poor exam writing.
  2. wow -sounds quite tough. just wondering if about the stations in the pm circuit??
  3. i know of 3 people
  4. docpurrs you know about this deanery transfer request window right? you can request a transfer officially ...and from the sounds of it you have a pretty good reason. all the deans are about to or have already signed up to it. omer
  5. now DISCO IS a slog and a half! agree that you cant get better than clincial interview ...but i find like the scan it provides quite useful prompts from which to observe
  6. well spotted godzilla!!! 8-)
  7. does anyone know about C&A posts and where they are? I have heard there are 2 in marys and 1-2 in GOS ...but not sure beyond that. Forensics possibly 2 or 3 in S london. cheers + good luck to those being interviewed
  8. most spr rotas are 40-50% (GA) ....'cinderalla' specialities less at 20% (especially if 2nd oncall) :'( east london internsity varies on which location (newham/th/hackney)...i get the impression they are all faily busy but TH especially.
  9. it will be a national application system which the college supports in general - but not mtas like. it just means that the deanery you put first or second will handle your application (essentially to avoid london being overloaded again). you will have one possibley 2 interviews and those marks will be transferrable to ur second choice or for clearing. the only sticking point is shortlisting. psych DONT want shortlisting - because of all the problems associated with that e.g. mtas 07 - but those and other details are to be sorted out in the program board.
  10. well the 'normal' round of interviews/applications which will be around feb/march time. this will be the normal intake for st4-6 for any given august...although in many deanerys vacancies have arrisen at other times.
  11. worth noting that there is now a new system of interdeanery transfers agreed by all the deans in Eng & wales (if not uk). there is a 'transfer window' from nov-may for requests along a particular reason. as long as its accepted and there is a place on the other side (and you pass your medical of course! ) - bob's ur uncle (or ed supervisor at least)!!!
  12. it is a waste i completely agree - but what is even more of a waste is someone not doing what it iwas they were trained to do - e.g. those lost to industry or the private sector or even the financial world (not anymore!!). The biggest waste is from medical school - literally thousands spend on training (some of it now by the students themselves) - so it is in the specialities interest to try to attract any trainee to extend his nhs commitment for as long as possible.
  13. actually it iwould be useful to know how they shortlisted as this process leaves little for personal opinion really. it is the one stage you can work one with objective criteria/acheivements for the next time. It is an objective process - and the scoring system is supposed to be open.
  14. have you asked them? they are usually pretty open about what is expected of you - e.g. in terms of presentation or project to discuss. this is aside from the clinical questions which you will no be asked (although must less that in a clinical interview of course).
  15. just depends on what you want in terms of your career and working environment.