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  1. Hi Asha Welcome to Psychiatry. If you read and understand most of the oxford handbook of psychiatry, then that would put you in good position as an observer entering into core training in psychiatry If you really are interested and have the luxury of time and resources, then the following are worth reading: SIMS - Psychopathology Maudsley guidelines BNF - Psychotropic drugs Companion to psychiatric studies - textboook Read leaflets and seminars from the royal college - www.rcpsych.ac.uk See if you can enrol to do modules on royal college cpd website Don't worry if you do not manage to do any of the above. Genuine enthusiasm, commitment and empathy is whats needed and those qualities will lead you to learn more towards acheiving a rewarding career in psychiatry
  2. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0702031372/ref=rdr_ext_tmb - "Companion to Psychiatric Studies" memory classification.doc
  3. Please try posting on - https://www.rxisk.org/Report/About.aspx Best Wishes
  4. Contact your agency and discuss with Appraisal/Revalidation manager
  5. Any of these posts are LOCUM? like agency- locum consultant posts?
  6. One of my good friend has commendable skills in analysing EEG and providing written report If any of you/your colleagues across the sea want to make use of his expertise in your hospital through online communication & reporting system, please let me know Further details can be discussed with those of you who are seriously interested Please write to me on - mohane_2000@yahoo.com
  7. Dear Friends If you know any qualified psychiatrist willing to work in a reputed company in ITPB, Bangalore for around 8 hours per week for an attractive remuneration, please let me know - Mohan (mohanbirur@gmail.com) 07540371496
  8. I go for Registrar and Senior Registrar as well S.H.O = Psychiatry Registrar Spr = Psychiatry Senior Registrar I am stressing on "psychiatry" because one carer needed clarification from me - "your badge only says specialty registrar, it doesnt say Psychiatry registrar. I thought I better confirm"
  9. He wont be posting here if agency Locum is needed. Thanks for the eye opener wetrain
  10. Do you think they would be prepared to offer agency locum for this post?
  11. Answer is YES. No annual increment for atleast 2 years
  12. I feel quite happy today. After months and months of thinking, today I have decided to go back home for sure. I am going to resign from my post tomorrow
  13. So its offcial................ Consultant/G.P/Senior executives salari will be frozen in the coming years Where is the incentive for working towards becoming a consultnat?
  14. Afterlife - I had no intention to offend you. I am in no way suggesting that you should not write. In fact, I have had help from your list of CASC stations. I think I was constructive in suggesting that focussed approach is what needed for these CASC stations rather than going in a routine format Phaedrus has already put-in some valuable suggestions. I can only try to re-call what I did in this station. I passed this linked station so presumably I must have done something right I remember starting with statement : I understand you suffered from heart attack ....... weeks ago. How are you feeling in yourself now? the actor painted the picture of nothing going right for him and he is not hopeful that nothing is ever going to change. I probed further about his understanding of his physical illness (IHD), limitations on his life because of the same, his understanding of prognosis, his efforts towards recovery, his attitude towards the treating team, his understanding of rehab., medications for physical health....... And then I collected details about his depression. I did,nt ask all the symtoms of depression. I said something like - My understanding , from the information I have, is that you seems to be depressed recently.... how does depression present in you? He gave me some details. He made it clear that he is not suicidal and was not happy to be asked any questions about his thoughts of suicide I then tried to explore whether he understands that his depression might be related to his M.I. I tried to explore his attitude and beliefs towards depression. I then covered details about his social life, friends, family, drug and alcohol habits and his understanding of their impact on his physical and mental health I then tried to explore hwether he is open to any treatment (biologiocal/social/psychological), checked with him whether he is happy for me to talk to his family, his G.P and treating team for his physical health I instilled some hope into him regarding physical and mental health and checked with him whether he is happy for our continued involvement I can't remember other details All the best
  15. I agree with flakjack. Apply for ILR for the entire family, it will be backdated. I was eligible for ILR in April 2009 but I waited for my wife and son to join me here as he was born in India. Got ILR in September 09 but was backdated to April 2009 Enjoy the precious moments of being a father. Congratulations