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  1. Uncomfortably dumb!

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    2. jasmeetbindra


      thanks peechoo but it is also me partly!congrats, anyone who manages to pass CASC deserves a big pat on the back!:)

    3. pukhtun


      Let me tell you something.I failed paper 3 4 times.I started doubting my intelligence and ability but I feel its been my shameless persistance thats halped me get here.fortunately Ive been very lucky in passing both part 1 osce and casc first time around.I think its all about over the top acting.Nothing else.People focus too much on the content and ignore the fact that the examiners are just looking at how you tackle the patient and not all the lovely questions u ask.I passed 14 stations whic...

    4. jasmeetbindra


      thanks peechoo, I am nothing if not a perseverer,i wonder if that is a word even :)