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  1. Locum land seems to be very quite.No activity on this thread for a long time.Has the market slumped or it is so busy that people don't have time to chat?
  2. Some of the places visited in turkey:Istanbul must see in Turkey.Grand bazaar,Sofia,blue mosque, are just amazing.try and book a hotel near the blue mosque it is perfect location for seeing most of the must see things in the city. Kapadokia:amazing landscape,hot air balloon,cave hotels etc Bodrum:a beach resort town.not the best beaches though Pamukkale:natural springs but one of the most unique ones in the world Ephesis(can't remember the spelling):roman town in ruins.wondered how much the Romans ruled those days.magnificent structures. This I covered in 7 days.any further help pl ask.
  3. Dear well wishers Thanks for all your kind advise and your good intentions to help me.I only asked if anyone is interested.Pl contact me if anyone is interested.I am sorry i dont need any expert opinion ...i have plenty of it available.And being in this country for donkeys years i know what to do and how to do.
  4. Anyone planning to send money to India ? I am planning to get some money from India to UK.So we can help each other and it is the easiest way to do. ....pl mail me if anyone interested.i need substantial amount.
  5. I am planning to visit Turkey in the month of April.Any suggestions for a good place to stay in Istanbul
  6. Hi I thought i will start this thread to discuss our travel experiece,advice tips etc.I hope webmaster would start a new section for this soon.
  7. thanks for the advice

  8. 40% of 300K is 120K.I cant believe people have 120K as deposit.Cool dude..locuming seems to be lucrative..Good for you.Enjoy your new place .
  9. Many thanks Shrink

    I am eligible to apply for ILR on the 24th May 2010.Can i apply on 26th April on a monday.Have you managed to apply even when you had a lot of visa period left.I was told that because my HSMP is valid until May 2011 and that there is no urgency to apply,i can only do it after the exact date of qualifying for IRL.This is what i wanted to clarify

  10. has not set their status

  11. hi

    I am kumar from cambridge.I am in exactly same situation as you.I have visa until May 2011.But eligible for ILR in May 2010.Can i apply for ILR 4 weeks in advance.Please send me a message.

  12. if we set up our own lim company-do we need to have all cheques paid in the name of the company or it is ok to have it in our name.
  13. my appointment is cancelled now
  14. Thank you guys.You saved me £1200.I had an appointment on 09th July to apply for ILR.I have one year permit free training between work permit and HSMP.I have just clarified with HO and they said i cannot apply. many thanks again