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  1. I think its a very good idea. To start with, I would like to know in which sequence people usually do cog assessment. Should MMSE be done first or start with frontal and/or perietal first to save time. Any comments???
  2. Thanks for that - it is just very confusing as SPMM insist it is Colon. Any other views on this one??? colon is the same as intesine....what are the other possibilities?
  3. Option 1. Have a family meeting with a suitable therapist without the abuser present and clarify what does the girl mean by "abuse". Thanks!
  4. Child Psychiatry 24. Whilst working in child psychiatry you are dealing with a girl’s family. The girl has been abused by her father and he vehemently denies this abuse. The correct way for you to deal with the siblings of the abused child are: 1. Have a family meeting with a suitable therapist without the abuser present. 2. Have a family meeting with a suitable therapist and the abuser present. 3. Have the siblings have a brief session with a psychotherapist. 4. Residential treatment. 5. Have the siblings see a child psychiatrist any ideas about this one??
  5. Hi, just a quick question, if antone can help me. How recent the last bank statement should be. I have got my last statement until 3rd june. If I send the application now, would they accept it? or I need to have a statement for the month of june :-/
  6. I think your son has to be on a valid visa before you can apply for ilr.
  7. Hi Everybody, All set for tomorrow?? best of luck!
  8. That's right. I found them too hard and quite a few questions are wrong!!
  9. Can somebody please explain the relationship between schizophrenia and neuregulin and dysbindin genes. there is some difference re synaptic functioning between these two genes????
  10. For Q1 , I think it is b. 1-10%.???/
  11. Re Q2, Its different for males and females, M 64% and F 50%.
  12. what about D in Q4?
  13. well I just spoke to home office and the lady said that it should not be more than 3 months at one time but the total no. of days is not an issue????
  14. a. The [highlight]migrant has spent a continuous period of four years lawfully in the United Kingdom, of which the most recent period must have been spent with leave as a highly skilled migrant, and the remainder must be made up of leave as a highly skilled migrant, leave as a work permit holder [/highlight][/highlight](under paragraphs 128 to 133 of the Immigration Rules), leave as an Innovator (under paragraphs 210A to 210F of the Immigration Rules) or leave as a Tier 1 (General) migrant I think this part of policy explains it well.