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  1. well obviously she was psychotically depressed and believed that she was dead... but she looked pretty much alive to me!
  2. thursday afternoon: 1 outpatient schizophrenic - mental state examination 2 dead lady building a fire in her garden - elicit symptoms 3 confused elderly gentleman - mini mental 4 ocd - elicit hx to confirm diagnosis 5 mother of a schizo on olanzapine - talk to her 6 paralysed young woman - hx to show conversion disorder 7 depressed inpatient on amitryptiline - explain lithium 8 ! cardiovascular examination
  3. thursday morning: 1 Postnatal psychotic depression - 10/52 pregnant and 7/12 baby - known scenario 1b talk to her husband - he wants to take her home 2 sport teacher after MI - depressed - take hx to clarify why 2b talk to the consultant 3 - tricky - elderly man confused and disoriented with wisual and olfactory hallucinations 3b talk to the consultant about differential diagnoses 4 morbid jealousy like first day 4b talk to his partner - same
  4. thanks Eeyore! I thought the thyroid was the 1st April (Fools Day) joke!
  5. well it looks like Sagir was the last decent man/candidate. Those who attended today are just b...dy selfish!
  6. Bavla, big thanks!
  7. if you want to know more just type early intervention in google and you get all their programs and objectives... I did, just in case!
  8. Sagir, be so kind and reveal what you have learned from the wife of this elderly 'exhibitionist'???
  9. Thanks Sagir, well done! We all lose some points of IQ when inside... At least we know that the physical examination is out. And not so many neurotic problems as last time.
  10. problems should include relationship difficulties, but they need to be psychologically minded and have at least one long term relationship. They need to have some ego strength as well. So you take a presenting problem and a personal history looking for signs of those...
  11. go on people! What's with you guys?! Last time (autumn) we would hear from you by now. Somebody must have called somebody with an access to the internet... Don't be selfish, share! :
  12. Good luck! I'll be waiting for your posts! I am due for Thursday...
  13. Hi, Sagir! It looks like you cannot sleep... Anticipation anxiety? I am looking forward for all the information available but one has to be patient. They just start registering now... 8-)
  14. I absolutely agree!
  15. I don't know if you can do it, but I am supporting you. Count me in!