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  1. Hi Dr Haiman,

    I was wondering if you are sitting the CASC exam in Singapore. Are you practising the stations?

    Please let me know if you are interested to practise on skype.

    Kind regards,


  2. Morning session Hx taking LD and BDD, Management: QTc prolongation, refeeding syndrome, ECT, transference, hypochondriasis, LBD.
  3. Pleasure and all the best to you too!
  4. A young man with a one year hx of schizophrenia and known with the autism with recent change of his behaviour including a shouting at the strangers. So, his OPA brought forward and needs exploration what is happening or something like this.
  5. No, it was not. It was a young male wanting to come off opiates.
  6. He didn't know he had a stroke.
  7. A daughter brought 70 y.o. gentleman to your clinic. He had a stroke 12 months ago and his memory has deteriorated. Perform a cognitive assessment to confirm his vascular dementia.
  8. He told me about the voice staight away. He said it was a single male voice of his neighbour and it was a derogatory nature which has frightened him. Firstly he heard the voice in his kitchen but did not see anybody. Later he went out for shopping with his wife and heard the voice again and could not see his neighbour again and he panicked and his wife took him to a&e.Alcohol came later when I was asking him about the substance misuse. He told me that he works in a pub and drinks about 50 pints of a larger throughout the week.
  9. You are welcome! And good luck! in alcoholic halucinosis did the pt have any delusions too ?can anyone elaborate , thanks Like this IIt was a one day hx of auditory hallucinations(started in the morning), no visual or other hallucinations and no delusions. However, patient reported being "panicky" due to the voice.
  10. Thanks! Any chance you could elaborate on the station where the man exposed himself? Thanks! Any chance you could elaborate a little bit on the exposure one? A 70 years old former police officer was brought into A&E by his wife after he urinated in his garden and a female neighbour saw it. Then wife came out and neighbour said that she would not report him to the police if he goes to the doctors. Asked to explore the aetiology. He kept minimizing the incident, he denied any affective or psychotic features, denied any memory problems, not a big drinker and no hx of illicit drugs, no past forensic, psych or medical Hx, At the next station, his wife reports him sexually assaulting his granddaughter in two separate occasions. She wants the consultation to be confidential.
  11. Hello everyone, Here are linked stations from Wednesday the 7th of September: A gentleman with recurrent depression on mirtazapine and lithium and talk to his wife. A man exposed himself in the garden and talk to his wife. A lady with a severe anxiety and talk to her husband. A teacher took an OD and talk to a friend.
  12. Linked stations 1.Talk to the mother of 23 y.o. man. He had a brain injury 2 years ago. Seems he had a frontal lobe injury and she tells you that his personality has changed since the injury. Assess cognitive function with 23 y.o. man. 2.To interview a man with a morbid jalousie. His partner brought him to A&E after he was punching a pillow.Previously stubbed his ex - partner due to his delusions and admitted under MHA. Currently he is on Risperidone and wants to increase the dose. To speak to his partner who is not aware of her partner's delusions and wants to take him home. She believes he is angry because of the issues at work. 3. To speak to 8 y.o. boy's mother with ADHD. GP made a referral of this boy as he has features of Adhd and disruptive at school. Talk about this boy's current problems and further assessment to come to the right diagnosis. To speak to boy's father and explain dx and treatment. 4. A man exposed himself in his garden in front of his neighbour. Find out etiology. To speak to his wife. She wants things to be confidential. Then she tells that he was sexual inappropriate with his grandaughter. Kept asking if things could be kept confidential.
  13. Yes
  14. Thank you for your sympathy and I am very sorry to hear that you failed ONLY by 0.12%.I've got a letter from the RC and nothing has changed.