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  1. Any suggestions besides Memory clinic?
  2. thanks Aforfterlife for your very helpful posts. I wish you all the best. You deserve to pass this exam and you will.
  3. Can someone please explain what this stayion is about, GP has referred this 19 year old with concerns of hearing people talk about a scar on his forehead. Gp thinks its first episode psychosis. Some people says its BDD and some says its psychosis. Can anyone with real exam experience of this station please shed some light on this.
  4. Can someone share their experience of the above station. What was the scenario and the task??
  5. Please share your experience of the station. Seems like an extremely challenging station.
  6. Thanks. Toyota, was the role player difficult in the station?
  7. Does anyone knows how this station comes in the exam?
  8. Can someone please share their experience of this station. I heard many failed this station in spetember.
  9. of course, that is the whole point of the discussion, i think
  10. ruwan, why don't you share your plan here with everyone.
  11. I also struggle with this stations:( It is so difficult to explain re-feeding syndrome in simple english:(
  12. I mean history taking one
  13. Let's discuss our approach to this station.
  14. Q 1 : who informs police? Q 2: Do we have to inform police or is it up to the other patient or nurse? Q 3: Eloborate on seclusion policy i.e should he go to seclusion directly or should we increase level of obs first? ''There is no place for adding /increasing medication at this point but we can consider involving forensic specialist for assessment''...what do you mean? I think we should review his medication and why you are considering forensic assessment? I think it will be good if we make a plan in practical terms rather than generic.
  15. How to proceed and discuss plan in a structured way. Any comments? Anyone who got this station in the exam, please share your thoughts.