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  1. Defaults will stay on your record for 6 years. If you're a doctor in a substantive post, you shouldn't have any problems with future borrowing. You just may not get the best interest rates. If you are having problems remembering to pay bills, you could set up a direct debit to pay the minimum each month. This will ensure that you won't default again.
  2. Eeyore wrote: Really? I thought it was the Jews. The views of Nick Griffin and his ilk may be abhorrent but I work with a lot of Asians who are happy to follow belief systems that advocate discrimination on the grounds of caste, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I guess some forms of bigotry are more acceptable than others.
  3. Most of these chaps are living and working in Britain by accident I guess . So all those who support Federer should live and work in Switzerland? That would probably mean a lot of Brits emigrating there. :lol: I think that you'd have to go a long way to find many Brits that would support Federer over Murray. I've noticed a real sense of glee on these boards whenever a Brit or a British team loses. I find this rather disconcerting. One should bear in mind that occasionally British people do use this forum.
  4. I haven't seen 'Slumdog Millionaire' but that doesn't escape the fact that what you've written is complete gibberish. Danny Boyle also directed 'Trainspotting'. Edinburgh is a beautiful city but, by your 'logic', Danny Boyle was being racist by showing only heroin addicts. Cinema would be pretty boring of all that was on offer were films about rich, successful people. There are no shortage of films showing the dark underbelly of British life. Try looking beyond that blockbuster crap and try watching something by Alan Clarke, Ken Loach or Mike Leigh. I'd recommend 'Scum', 'Dirty Pretty Things', 'Ladybird, Ladybird' and 'Kes' to start of with. Also, do you honestly believe that watching 'Slumdog Millionaire' turned these nice, ordinary Australians into racists? There has been anti-immigrant feeling in Australia for the best part of 20 years. In 1998, the One Nation Party (Oz's answer to the BNP) scored 22% of the vote. The racism today is primarily anti-Muslim rather than anti-Indian. Only, the racists are too ignorant to know the difference.
  5. When (since '66) have England ever been 'strong' in football? Our current FIFA world ranking is 6th. We've never been above 4th. Hardly surprising when English teams are paying the highest salaries. Do you think the likes of Ronaldo, Robinho and Drogba are here for the weather? Completely agree with you! But then England's World No.6 position is also completely over rated in my opinion. Look at the quality of football played by Argentina, Croatia, Portugal and even Mexico, all ranked well below England. I doubt if Englannd could beat any of these teams with their current crop of players! :-[ England could not even qualify for the Euro 2008! :-X If Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard are their best players, I am really worried about the rest of the squad. Again, I feel Rio Ferdinand is their best player but is grossly underrated than the others such as Lampard who had more than 50 shots at the goal in the 2006 world cup but failed to score a single goal! He couldn't even score a penalty! And England's goalkeepers are among the world's worst! Paul Robinson couldn't catch swine flu if her were to spend a year in Mexico! England beat Croatia 4-1 away, last September, with this 'current crop of players'. They have won 11 out of 14 matches under Capello. Rio Ferdinand has over 70 caps and he has captained England. How does that make him underrated? I take it you're not an England supporter so why are you that bothered about how badly they are doing? Maybe you should worry more about the team that you do support.
  6. When (since '66) have England ever been 'strong' in football? Our current FIFA world ranking is 6th. We've never been above 4th. Hardly surprising when English teams are paying the highest salaries. Do you think the likes of Ronaldo, Robinho and Drogba are here for the weather?
  7. You live 5 hours from Old Trafford!! I used to think it was a joke that all Man U fans lived in Surrey.
  8. Just to bring things back to the main points of the thread, how do religious people answer the above point? Does God make people whom He deems to be abhorrent (according to scripture)? What sort of a benevolent creator would that be? Or are the scriptures perhaps wrong when they say these things about homosexuals? Seems it can't work both ways... I think the God squad would say that it's OK to be a homosexual just as long as you don't act on it. 'This life is only a test....', etc, etc Some religious texts describe heaven as being a place with rivers of wine, young boys, lots of virigns, etc. So what's taboo in this life is not necessarily taboo in the one after.
  9. I would strongly advise all the homophobes polluting our profession to be careful: Nevermind homosexuality reentering ICD, it is my own belief that by the time ICD-12 or ICD-13 comes around, religious zealotry will have been stuck in with the psychotic diosrders where it clearly belongs.
  10. I don't think it's appropriate to write off any 16-year old. Priests and Imams do great business in UK prisons. He could come out a Born Again Christian or a Muslim revert. Apparently, one of Jamie Bulger's killers now goes to Bible classes and prayer meetings! I do find it ironic that the right wingers who are pro-death penalty are generally also anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia. It's good to know that they're consistent when it comes to the 'sanctity of life.'
  11. Britain has already had an atheist PM - Clement Attlee. Given that David Miliband, an atheist, is the current favourite to succeed Gordon Brown as Labour leader, it's not completely out of the realms of possibility of it happening again.
  12. Low crime rates in Saudi Arabia are hardly surprising. If you introduce a totalitarian regime with draconian punishments then, of course, crime goes down. For the same reason, there were low crime rates in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. I agree that prisons in the UK are too soft. But, would you be happier if they were run along the lines of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib? One thing I'm not clear about with sharia punishments: would the thief who has a hand or foot cut off still be eligible for a prosthetic or robotic limb under sharia NHS? I take it they'd just go to the back of the queue...
  13. [highlight]I'm not aware of any anti-jewish statements in this thread[/highlight]. Thus i'm not wanting to be rude but can we stick to the issues in this thread please>? Perhaps not explicitly but your whole theory is essentially a rehash of 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.' The 'Protocols' alleges a Jewish and Masonic plot for world domination. You mention freemasons but not Jews. I wonder why?
  14. The Maudsley do adult Asperger's/Autism assessments in the Behavioural Genetics Clinic (Tel. 020 3228 4879/4653). The current waiting list is around 42 weeks. You'll also need to obtain approval for funding from your PCT beforehand.
  15. Thoughtpolice, Thanks for your questions. I would understand human consciousness to entail awareness encompassing self-awareness. This understanding might also apply to certain higher-form animals. The consciousness of lower-form animals is likely restricted to awareness of physicality, without self-awareness. It is difficult to know at which point consciousness emerges. [highlight]So, do you then believe that scientific theory will eventually provide a complete explanation of human consciousness (perhaps incorporating understandings from evolutionary biology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence or other fields)?[/highlight] Why not? The (as yet) lack of a naturalistic explanation for a phenomenon does not mean that a monotheistic explanation becomes the only possibility. Monotheism is not the only alternative to atheism. Steven Conifer succinctly tears apart the argument from consciousness here: It's worth remembering that, in the not too distant past, earthquakes were believed to be due to God's wrath and mental illness the result of demonic possession.