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  1. i think thats a wonderful topic, may i ask how does one get exempted form frnazp?
  2. peecho there is answer of a sensible person . although i dont agree that risking the rath of the HO is something that could actually occur.. i also havent had an answer to my question from those who argued against my earlier post.. if one doenst recieve an apology or a pay back from the UKBA would that person not apply for ILR as per the new guidance( as and when they come).. if you beleive u r right then no other arrangment should be good enough.. waiting for the answer
  3. dear buddy.. i am in in ur situation havng had to extend my hsmp in feb. Other issues would include be aware that this country has a very repectable independant juidical system/ pressure groups that allowed all of us to be in the position we are in now. i.e proving a point against a very central governmental department whose decsions have wider implications on the whole country including public opinion which frankly can put so much pressure on immigrantsin different ways. Furthermore one needs to look beyond the highly skilled migrant and realize that HO/UKBA are dealing with lots of other people in different categories. In that they are liable to make mistakes in the same way you and i would in our field of work. So far it seems that the system has recognized the error and kept in in check throught the JR process. I can see that lots of doctors would find it very difficult to pay for damages they caused through malpractise and will argue thier case vigiriously against cliamants. One issue is that if anyone here believes in course of action such as an apology , backdating , refunding etc are the only way forward then this may imply that if such measures are not taken then he or she would have no peace of mind and refuse to stay and accept the new regulations which i would doubt very much but i stand corrected finally lets all rejoice and appreciate that we have a forum in which everybody is entitled to a free point of view, not simply be part of the stream of thoughts being expressed
  4. does this mean that if no formal apology and a refund is granted by the HO that you will refuse to aply for ILR?
  5. i am amazed at those who keep banging on about the cost!! wouldnt u pay much more for the peace of mind ??? pls consider all aspects of the issue b4 ur comments:)
  6. usthad,, u actually attented the hearing?.. how was it,,
  7. i am not sure but the last time there was a JR ( on the new points system) the result was out fast
  8. still no ansdr to the question,, are the posts above and indication of a a final result,, or do we have to wait for some more guidance on what to do with ILR applications for those whose HSMp reaches the 4 year mark???!!
  9. taurus,, the life in the uk is related to citizenship , we are talking ILR
  10. i am not clear whether the above represents the final outcome or are we waiting for some kind of response or guidelines,, could someone be kind enough to clarify.. also for those who suggested that some of us get together and apply for a tribunal i am up for it!, ,email me
  11. hawkeye,, i read the letter the link for which u posted with alarm,, do u know why this indcidual was refused an extension for a further year,, i mean so far they can refuse ILR after 4 years but to refuse an extension for a 5th year, well thats new, and unless he or she has good reason to be refused, this represents a serious and a new development in this never ending saga,,
  12. I have had to go to court coz i was driving on a provisional lisence with someone who dint haev a full lisence for 3 years( did not know they had to have a valid lsiscne for 3 years !). landed with a fine nad 3 points. Are my chances of renewing my hsmp gone out of the window? all ur opnions and experinces are appreciated. dont know if this considered to show in CRB
  13. where do we get to know about the pathway we need to go thru,, the hsmp forum website is slighly vague and needless to say the homeoffice website is very quite
  14. so how does it work after all this,, is it going to be law, or does everybody have to appeal ,?
  15. buddy,, how did u come to know that the home office is renewing in accordance with the old rules,, any contact numbers,, thanks in advnace