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  1. any staff grades here get discretionary points? if so.. how?
  2. anyone who studied for the basic sciences paper before needed their head examined.
  3. interesting posts here. I suppose you expect your child to be safe in a complex in the evening time when you are on holidays. i dont believe the mcCanns are guilty of anything, i cant imagine what it is like to be in their situation or having to deal with what appears to be a pretty mediocre police force in Portugal. i remember being in a car incident there years ago with my wife and the police really didnt give a damn. For those who made remarks about the Mccanns flying about in private jets. what you expect? sit at home by the phone? how many children have gone missing and forgotten? wake up and smell the coffee. not everyone lives in a cocoon. thankfully.
  4. random marking i'd say.. depends on the bell curve.. and whether youre in it or out of it..
  5. this diploma is a waste of time It is for Gp registrars who want to use it as part of their 'letters after their name' no good for psychiatry and of no use in the UK apart from GP practice. its also expensive you basically buy it. It covers u to do locum consultant (used to) in Irl when there were no consultants available not anymore as more and more SPR's are avail to act up to consultant with MRCPSYCH. I know what iam talking about folks.. If you are excellent clinically (medicine) you can do the MRCP part 1 and then the MRCP part 2 (psychiatry) in Ireland which is equiv if not higher than the MRCpsych but u have to know your medicine and be able tackle a medical long case with a psych slant to it and also a psych long case (thats if u pass the writtens) but a good qualification to have. college of surgeons website dublin
  6. quite a difficult exam by all accounts. I know one irish candidate with good experience who actually managed to fail it. :'( Sorry!
  7. i wouldnt worry- unless you wrote the essay backwards.. youre bound to pass it. the essay standard usually isnt all that great.; :
  8. can anyone tell me if u fail all 3 PMPs what score do u expect to get out of 20????????????? tz
  9. does anyone know about the scoring in the PMPs ie if u fail all three do u get 6? what if u pass 1? or 2?
  10. can anyone tell me where i can find the latest up to date staff grade payscale?
  11. ta khuram its locum post for 6/12 in Gen.adult.
  12. any advice ive 8 years experience in psych but taking my First staff grade post midlands i expect top end of the scale in pay,. they offered mid 30,000 which is less than i earned as a ist year sho whats goin on? Ive been away from the uk (oZ) for a while.
  13. dont worry folks u can all come to Ireland. they havent met the european directive yet the doctors are militant their union works for them rather than for themselves the pay is better than the Uk the average NCHD earns 120,000 euro according to Irish Press and the people are lovely nicer than that idiot chief medical officer who appeared on Ch4 news to say we werent entitled to a job.. its reality ok for him to say until some epidemic dethrones him the sarcastic toerag :-X