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  1. Hi Jaichitra,

    Hope you are doing fine.My email id is Have you started to practice?


  2. Hi,

    my email id is


  3. Hi 

    Are you looking for a study partner for CASC practice ? Let me know if I can join in 

    1. fereshteh


      Hello there,

      text me your no and perhaps we can discuss this



  4. Hi,

    Are you looking for someone to practice CASC??Let me know I can join in 

    1. Resham


      Hi I am planning to appear in it first time in.Sep 2016. I have just started reading and would like to join in April! I live in east London

    2. Jaichitra


      Hi Psychiatry123,

      Can you send me your phone no or email id if you are interested to do practice, so that we can discuss this further? Thanks


  5. Hi Ana,are you still looking for a study partner..?

    let me know if I can join ??

  6. Hi please include me id is We need some intense practice....Anyone attending SPMM course this weekend????
  7. Please drop me an e-mail ..I'm keen to join for skype practice
  8. Hi I am interested in joining in for the skype CASC practice .Please let me know ASAP to plan further.. Drop me an email and add me
  9. Thanks a lot for your reply which was very useful
  10. Thanks for all your replies.They say it's 2 % for on-call plus they will pay the rate of 1PA.Not sure how this is going to be calculated.They really don't explain things clearly and I have to wait for a considerable amount of time to get a reply.I don't know I'd there would be anyone other than the medical staffing to discuss these things in that trust .please do suggest something .. Many Thanks
  11. Hi I am a ST3 trainee but due to geographical preferences I had to move down south and take up a specilaty doctor post.They have offered me 46239 and 2% on-call.Not sure what will be the basic with this as there is 1:10 on-call rota Could anyone tell me how much my take home salary will be roughly after tax and NI.Not sure whether this will be manageable for me. Please do advise regarding the salary. Many Thanks
  12. I have completed ST3+ and now thinking of taking up a speciality doctor post(Yet to clear my exams) but a bit concerned about the pay scale for a newly appointed staff grade doctor.Currently I am on pay scale which is £46,708 with 7 years of experience.Could anyone please let me know what my starting pay as a SAS doctor would be .Also can I know if previous experience and salary scale will be taken into consideration and is there any kind of banding for staff grade doctors
  13. Hi , I am really struggling to pass these papers. Could anyone of you please advise me how effectively I could use these 4 weeks and is there anything in particular I have to be concentrating on???????????I am just exhausted, I have tried various texts, course materials and still there is something going wrong somewhere............... Please please someone help me and quide me through my preparation...... Thanks a lot for your kind help
  14. Here are few incomplete questions, but these are as much I could recollect......SORRY 1.MRI –investigations.-something like MRI and CSF findings 2.EMI on Neuropsychiatry- Like a patient complains of headache, sensitive to noise ect. question of a lady having headaches and tendency of falling forwards 4. Male: female ratio Autism, ADHD, Pre-pubertal depression 5.Co-morbidity in Gilles de Tourette, and few others 6. EMI on Illicit drugs detected in urine Cocaine Cannabis Amphetamines<br style=""> <br style=""> Choices 12 hours 3 days 24 hours 7 days 7.Lady with h/o mixed affective disorder , is in her first trimester of pregnancy. Now needs a mood stabilizer Mood stabilizer without which her mental state would deteriorate ( not very sure about the exact phrase but it’s the choice of mood stabilizer in pregnancy) 8.EMI on side effects of medications a) Clozapine b)Sodium valproate c)Lithium d)Fluoxetine MyocarditisThrombocytopenia