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  1. Recruitment for August 2015 CT1 posts over. However from the recruitment website "Applications for February 2016 CT1 posts open Wednesday 26th August 2015 at 10am. Posts will be advertised via You can register now but will not be able to submit an application until 26th August". see website link: Alternatively you could check NHS jobs website for either LAS CT post (possibly LAT post) while you apply for the next round above. All the best!!
  2. On a final note, your leaving training now should not prevent you from applying for ST4 when you are ready. It just means you will have to provide additional paperwork such as the Certificate C- Core Training equivalent Form when you apply. See link below or under document guidance all the best..
  3. Hi doctor7860 Thanks for the info about OOPC. I didn't realise this was the case However, additional training time is not that bad. In fact it saved me because I too had a 6months extension at then end of my CT3 year due to exams. Luckily I passed my CASC within this extension and was released from training with all competencies achieved at the end of my final ARCP. (outcome 1 now outcome 6) My guess is if you resign now, you may be given outcome 4 which is "released from training programme with or without specified competencies" because of insufficient or sustained lack of progress, despite having additional training to address concerns over progress. You need to have passed all your exams(+CASC) at the end of your training to get all the required competencies- outcome 6 (?1) I do realise you are in a difficult situation currently but you need to weigh up the pros and cons before making a final decision.
  4. Not too sure this will help but have you considered seeking advise from your educational supervisor? (That's what they are there for) or consider some time out of training/programme career break(OOPC)?
  5. I guess it's different this year. You will probably have to wait for when they publish the fill rates and competition ratio for this intake to know the total number of applicants per specialty.
  6. Hi Just seen this on the application guide: "if you are deemed eligible for appointment but your interview score places you below the number of vacancies available, you could still receive an offer if initial offers are rejected by higher scoring applicants". So, Don't lose hope yet. You may still get an offer!! 48hrs after an offer is made; declined or expired offers are recycled, then sent out to the next set of applicants deemed apoointable acording to thier rank. I also thought you could accept or hold offers with or without automatic upgrades so if your preferred choice is rejected, then you automtically offered this post.
  7. Hi Chrazer, I would like to attend the DGM revision course. I have tried several times to get in touch with Margaret Webb on the number given above but it keeps going to voicemail. Is this course still up and running? or is there an alternative contact? Thanks Moi
  8. On-call banding for ST4-ST6 in SLaM and Oxleas trust is currently 40% and they are non-residential though the intensity of the calls varies. The rota is made up of mostly the GA/OA HSTs. CAMHS trainees have their own rota. Not too sure LD trainees are on the rota. You also get lots of opportunities to do internal locum shifts which can provide an additional source of income... Hope this helps
  9. Congratulations Kamran. A brilliant and well-deserved pass. So happy for you..
  10. That does not sound right. I would say contact the deanery involved as well as your BMA rep...
  11. Hi Sharma Kindly click on above link Hope it helps. Best wishes
  12. Hi Berry It's a personal choice which course you decide to go for. I have found that what may have been the ideal course for me, may not work for someone else. Having done CASC twice (passed on 2nd attempt) I went through different courses from SPMM to Pass the CASC, to London CASC and even the superego café course. Every course was different and I was able to apply what I learnt from each for example, I found SPMM really useful for physical examination stations. I also found the support and discussion threads on this forum very useful. Another important thing is to try and attend as many mock test organized by your trust. Saying this though, you need to be able to apply what you have read in the courses or practice session. The important thing is practice Practice, PRACTICE, scenarios. Read the Task given in the scenarios and stick to it. All the best in your exams
  13. QTc was given on the ECG all you needed to do was review the ECG strip and then explain your findings
  14. Hi aly Can you please send the BMJ link