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  1. nothing from nw or mersey?
  2. yes i heard brazil won.good luck everyone
  3. all the best everyone
  4. any one heard from mersey or nw deanery for st4 posts?
  5. if everyone gets the same, how will they mark them.I wonder what the right answers to the above uestions are.
  6. any other st4 child psych offers?
  7. did anyone get any st4 child psych post?
  8. really? on the interview day? wao
  9. the post in mersey deanery is it lat?
  10. hi, wondering if nw shortlisting has been done.
  11. anyone heard from mersey and north west cap ?
  12. does any one know how many st 54 child and adolescent psychiatry posts there are in mersey deanery?
  13. hi all, any tips on child and adolescent interview?
  14. Hi has anyone atended the kilkenny course before?There is one on the 28th of July,is it any good?
  15. did this as well and passed. Why is it neglected 1.It has been a tabboo topic that is awkard for psychiatrists and patients alike to talk about 2.It is a relatively new area in terms of robustness of data and research 3.An inexperinced psychiatrists may not know the right time to ask the patient questions.For example it is awkward to ask a severely depreed pt details of sexual habit.So needs to be asked at follow up. Depression leads to sexual problems which leads to more depression.It is a circle. Sexual problems include orie ntation dysphoria and also problems in females. There is need fior more research Main question :Is it neglected.Yes to a certain extent because of its sensitive nature but the problem does not lie on the psychiatrist alone because detection and management is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary,using a biopsychosocial model such as looking at relaTIONSHIP DIFFICULTIES AND LIASING WITH UROLOGISTS,phYSICIANS,GYNAECOLOGISTS.