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  1. To give a different view to the other... no it's not a good idea.
  2. specialty doctor means staff grade. the point on the scale you start on depends on negotiation to a certain extent.
  3. not entirely true. it depends totally on what you are asking. in schizophrenia/first episode psychosis the evidence for eis shows short term gains over generic cmht that are rapidly lost. there is evidence that the interventions work in first episode psychosis and that eis more likely to give the interventions than a generic CMHT rather than that per se is anything special. for crht. i'm less certain of evidence base, but it seems that they are probably good at preventing repeated short admissions who don't really need to bein hospital, but delay admissions of those who are more ill and increase the rates of MHA admissions for those who have serious illness. CMHT - pretty much no good evidence, but probably better than no cmht. AOT - good evidence that they are better than standard care in countries where standard care is not good, but in the uk they are no better than a cmht that knows what it is doing. rehab - pretty much no evidence really.
  4. The CASC pass rates vary according to where you train as well as where you got your medical degree or your sex. Each deanery has apparantly been told by the college what it's pass rate is and ranked. Yorkshire is ranked 7th out of 18 according to our head of school and our pass rate is about the national average. I don't know where any of the other deaneries come in the list or their pass rates. But, there are different training in schemes in each deanery - Yorkshire has 5 or 6. Over the last 3 years the average CASC pass rate in South Yorkshire has been nearly double the national pass rate. I don't know how the SY pass rate compares to the top ranked deanery, but it looks good to me. As far as I know we do not discriminate on the basis of race or anything else.
  5. did you get feedback from your unsuccessful interviews? If so then work on the areas they mentioned. If not then you should have done. I can't advise you on a course to go on cos i don't know about any, but i would advise you to practice with recently appointed st4s and consultants who sit on interview panels and ask them to give you honest feedback. if they say "you were good" or "i would have appointed you" then say "great, but what can i improve on" and if they say "nothing you are great!!!!" don't believe them and go find someone honest instead.
  6. You don't think that a Masters degree means anything? Wow. How did you come to that conclusion? That's not what I said so I can not tell you how I came to that conclusion.
  7. What do they ask? Which deanery? Why not ask your colleagues?
  8. OU do lots of MScs. They don't do psychiatry afaik though, but i don't think that is relevant here. Sorry luai i do not know really the answer to your questions. But i also do not know why you are asking. If OU does one you want to do and you can't do one elsewhere then do it, it won't hurt. If you are comparing OU course with other unis then look at the courses and decide what is best for you. In the real world I doubt that MSc really means anything to most people anyway so even though for some people there will be some kind of hierarchy for most it'll probably be irrelevant.
  9. i can't find anything on canmeds that says different to what i say so you're gonna have to provide a link. sorry.
  10. very simplistic views i must say That was the idea. I didn't think that you would understand if I didn't put it in a simplistic way. So, it was simplistic. Was it wrong? If so how?
  11. Is the college proposing to make up it's own names for trainees or is it proposing to lobby the powers that be to name all trainees differently? And what does the public think? I'd be willing to bet that they think differently to junior docs cos I do not believe they understood the old titles other than knowing that a consultant was top of the tree and was a Mr not a Dr and that Senior meant more experienced than someone without senior in the title (which menas that many thought an SHO was more senior than an SpR unless cued by apparent age) and that people who look older are more experienced (which means that many think mature students are the doctors and the doctors are the students).
  12. what makes a better psychiatrist? the psychiatrist who wants to make themself better at being a psychiatrist. they make themselves better by improving the care they provide to their patients. they do that by understanding their patients problems and providing the patient with appropriate evidence based treatment with consent wherever possible.
  13. You are welcome! i don't think it is relevant or will get you any extra shortlisting points.
  14. In the old system people were not held back after 2 years for not passing exams. There was a college statement a while back saying that people can not be held back at the end of CT2 solely for not passing exams. So if you have been held back then complain and quote the college and hope you pass 4 exams in a year cos if not there is no guarantee that you get held back and given an extra year. In fact failing exams is not really supposed to be a reason to get an extension to training time, so if you have been given an extension to your training contract to pass exams maybe you should be thanking your training scheme for not ending your contract.
  15. i think that the referral in the original post is not something that shoud be addressed by nhs psychiatry and so should be rejected.