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  1. just thought i'd add some information for people who are planning to come to oz/nz. i havent read the whole thread so please excuse any repetitions. i completed mrcpsych and came to adelaide, australia in november last year. i'd already secured a job by emailing a clinical director and having an telephone interview, but had no idea of what the nature of the job or my contract would be like. it took almost 3 months for me to actually start work. the paperwork here is awful especially because the rules keep changing. i think some people come through agencies which may make things easier till you get here, but after that you are on your own. the latest change in rules is that mrcpsych candidates, who havent done any advanced training will no longer be considered as exemption candidates and will have to sit the franzcp exams that the local trainees give. which is not bad news as far as i could gather, since the exemption exam is catered for trainees who the college thinks are ready to be consultants, and hence harder. once you get the exams you can apply for advanced training, and it seems relatively easier to get into than in the UK (atleast here in south australia). it seems that if your employer is happy to give you a job, its only a matter of sorting out the paperwork for getting the post accredited. mind you, im planning to keep my training general, if you want speciality posts like child, forensic, etc it maybe harder although i am seeing some people getting these jobs as well. the good news is you can start working in training posts as soon as you land a job and begin the slow process of paperwork as you go along. you dont have to wait to clear the exams and remain unemployed. dont know if that was much help, im still trying to find my feet. will update once i know more. btw, if any of you are already here, it would be great if you can get in touch. i only know a handful in a similar situation and we are all trying to gather as much information as possible, without much progress. the college is also not very helpful since they are making changes as well and are almost as confused as the uk college.
  2. thanks for the wishes. didnt realise people would still be interested in this thread anymore. right now we are working in australia and about to embark on the biggest adventure of all, expecting our first child in april! and this is one adventure which will be ongoing for the rest of our lives....
  3. hi guys, just to let you know, we reached india safely after having to fly the last leg of our journey as pakistan refused our visa application again. but we had the most memorable trip of our lives and hope that more doctors take time off to explore like we did. we are now busy organising a photography exhibition in new delhi, india from 13th to 17th july showcasing a selected collection from our travel snaps. you van visit our blog for details of the same, and try to make it if in town around that time. thanks for all the encouragement throughout the trip. bagadia.
  4. sorry, our html site is facing technical problems. the only way to see the gallery is to download flash player - available free on the net (may not be possible if you're trying on nhs computers) ash
  5. hey sagir. thanks a lot. thats a great tip. we are going through turkey and will be passing van. will let you know how we get on. ash
  6. hi people, the car is doing fine. we have now crossed 12000 miles since leaving london. right now we are in egypt. the car did great in the mad cairo traffic and now is resting with friends while we explore the nile valley south of cairo. check our progress through our blog thanks for all your wishes. ash.
  7. checkout this video...absolutely amazing!
  8. hey...we are having a ball as planned! finished italy and greece, now in turkey. didnt get decent internet connection anywhere until reliable turkey, where almost all hotels/hostels give free internet access. so will be updating blog soon. ash
  9. we are right now in belgium, after having driven through scandinavia north germany and holland. leaving for france tomorrow. will go back to germany after a brief drive through normandy and versailles.
  10. we're already on our way. started on 27th and are in trondheim, norway! checkout our blog
  11. we are travelling only during the day. will park wherever possible and do sightseeing as usual when in cities. when the weather permits we will camp, otherwise in hotels or B&B's...only budget acco though.
  12. thanks rehan. its not patronising at all. we can do with all the advice we can get. we have arranged to change the engine belt and getting new tyres plus a full service before we leave.
  13. we're quite happy to drive through and stay in pakistan. current mileage on our car is 75,000 miles. i suspect it still has a good 20,000 to go which should last us through our drive. we have driven extensively through UK in the last 2 years and covered nearly 30,000 miles, without any problems. i agree, honda is very reliable. we contacted honda quite some time back, but didnt get any response. i guess, we'll just find our way around and see how it goes.
  14. i thought it was a retrospective cohort...the paper was from 2004-2005, they obtained data starting from 1997 to 2002. they are asking about regression analysis more often now. the autumn 2006 paper had cox regression as well. i think this should be added in all mrcpsych courses, the yellow book is no longer sufficient. they asked for definitions of subgroup analyses, crude event rate, randomisation by minimisation.... most of my answers were more from common sense than statistical knowledge. lets hope the examiners will also use common sense in marking us!
  15. the first essay question, which i attempted and so did most of my friends.... 'Critically discuss the relative roles of genetics and environment in the aetiology of Schizophrenia'