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  1. Answers to ur questions 1. Send P60'S of last 4 years 2. Send last 3 months payslips and bank statements 3. No need for property documents or employment letter Eventhough technically one doesn't need to show an employment letter, my advise would be to get a recent one stating the date,job and salary.
  2. I bought my first SLR, a new Sony DSLR-A200 and trying to learn the finer details of SLR photography. I find the following websites useful- www.photo-skills.co.uk www.photographers-resource.co.uk
  3. Mine was rejected on similar grounds-my current account went down to £700 on a couple of days.Since my visa hadn't expired,I submitted a fresh application with additional bank statements and it was fine. So hopefully, things should be OK with you.Good luck.
  4. New ways of working is more about sharing the caseload for consultants, making efficient use of resources, not taking the responsibility for people whom you dont see, consultative style of functioning and the aim is to reduce stress and burnout.
  5. I did MCCEE early this year in London and passed . Let me know if anyone needs details. Thank Ezhil
  6. Has anybody had the experience of doing DNB exams from here, without PG diploma/degree from India(only UK Psychiatry experience). Interested in knowing people's opinion/experience as i intend to do it in future.
  7. One of my anaesthetist friend never managed to get through the occupational health screen despitehaving fully recovered from a psychotic episode and compliant on medication. He finally went back to India and back at work!!
  8. I agree that medications is a quickfix over psychological interventions. But i would argue that it is less biological becauses the common man's understanding of illness( eg Depression) would be less in terms of family history/genetics , neurotransmitters and more in terms of early childhood experiences,recent social triggers. Is a medical model widely accepted?.I presume there isn't and hence it is underdiagnosed.There is no labelling and even the psychosocial treatment happens without being labelled. These are just my thoughts.
  9. One of my colleague suggested that the practice of Psychiatry in India is more Biological than Psychosocial compared to the practice in the west. I always thought the other way. I value people's opinion especially who had practised in India.
  10. I agree with the above thread. i think the Doh/Home office did not anticipate that so many of the doctors would be on HSMP.(Time to laugh at them HEEEEEEE ) Let us wait and see about the official announcement about HSMP due on Aug 4.
  11. 1-VALUING PEOPLE document 2-Prevalence and assessment of epilepsy in LD 3-Specialised or General services-Pros and cons 4-Challenges and issues in assessments 5-Role and limitations in research 6-Autism/Aspergers 7-Challenging Behaviour 8-Bournewood gap and Mental Capacity Act other current issues include working with the private sector. Good luck Ezhil
  12. To Solodoc I think it is simply that at this moment of time, there is less demand than supply. However it is not all that bad news in Pyschiatry-I am quoting an expert opinion from BAPIO.(Level 4/5 evidence, I suppose)----- 1. Why GMC is continuing to do PLAB? GMC will continue to do PLAB exam and that is not because it wants to make money. Of course the GMC did make 6 million pounds in year 2004 from PLAB, but that is not the reason why it would continue to do PLAB. The GMC has to continue to do PLAB because there are many UK citizens who study medicine in countries outside EU. For them to practice in the UK, they have to pass PLAB. Second reason is the UK would always need overseas doctors because even if UK produces 8000 doctors a year, 70% of them are women and half of them want to work part-time and nearly 15 to 25% of medical students in UK do not practice as doctors. Either they leave their medical course or practice outside UK or leave profession all together. If you put all these together, UK will have only 5000/8000 medical students who are available to work as doctors. So UK always will need overseas doctors. Will EU doctors not fill this market? Answer is probably no. Most EU training is in non-English and hence they will have difficulty in practising in the UK. But yes, this year also 5000 EU doctors have registered with the GMC. But my gut feeling is that overseas doctors will be preferred over these doctors. Please don't mistake me; there are some who are just superb. We have two radiologists from Spain and they are fantastic. But vast majority will struggle to get jobs and IMGs will be preferred. I am planning to suggest Employer organisation that the EU graduates who are trained in Non-English speaking language should be asked to appear IELTS exam and if they fail then this should be taken as they are not-appointable! I think this is important in the best interest of patients. 4. If that is the case what is all the fuss about this new ruling? New ruling is bad news because IMGs will not get teaching hospital rotation, good training jobs, and SpR jobs in popular branches like Surgery, Medicine, and Paediatrics as most local graduates will get these jobs. There may be scope in Psychiatry Anaesthesia, Histopathology and others. Not only that it is the principle of it that annoyed me. The DOH and Home Office and the Country as a whole can't take us for granted. The way the rule has been implemented is morally not right and just not acceptable. That is why we got to continue to fight and we will continue to fight. With kind regards Dr Prabhu
  13. Converstion between Lord BARNER(LB) and another minister at his residence, the night before the announcement, after a moderate consumption of alcohol. Minister- Dear LB, how do you intend to solve this crisis. LB-What crisis? Minister-Hundred's of local medical graduates are jobless, few migrating and some on dole. LB-Well, i am surprised, i always thought NHS needs more doctors and hence we are recruiting from other countries. Minister-Well, things have changed.But give us a solution soon as many are jobless. LB-OK,let me think.Why are they jobless? Is it because of increased competition from foreigners? Minister-Partly, but also other reasons-new system(MMC), some not wanting to move out of cities, less flexible etc LB-Forget all other reasons, let us look at foreigners.Immigration always interests me and the public .Let us stop them from coming. Minister-But the GMC is making loads of money.Also PPUD and BAPIO are making lots of noises about jobs as well. LB-But we never promised them jobs.GMC has only duty to conduct PLAB.DoH deals with immigration and the trusts can appoint according to the job market.Besides, it is against Humans rights act to stop PLAB and deny them a chance to work in our NHS. Minister-But is it not right to demand a job after an exam, if that was the purpose of the exam.Besides we always talk about integration of services-social and health care . LB-But that is all for our people, anyway stop all crap and concentrate on sensible decisions. Minister-Right,Shall we all throw them out straightaway?Shall we involve our nationalist party colleagues? LB-That will be too draconian, we will do that ultimately, but be calm and think.Besides we have made some money out of HSMP. Minister-People have paid £ 300 plus for HSMP, we are answerable to that. LB-Make hay while the sun shines.we never compelled them anyway. They come here because they don't have opportunities in their own countries. Minister-But they have contributed so much to the NHS in the past. LB-Never mind, we dont need them now.Besides, that is brain drain and we are denying them the opportunity for them to serve their own country.we dont want to be a part of that. Minister-Why are we then recruiting nurses from third world countries. LB-Shut up.You are asking too many questions.Come to the point.What visa are they on? Minister-It is called work permit free training visa.That means that people should go back after the training period, to serve their own country.Majority did not go back, we know that, but did not mind.Another colleague also wondered why they were not given work permit previously.But anyway as long as they kept their mouth shut, we are happy. LB-OK, why not classify the same job as 'work' and make it difficult for NHS Trust to employ them.we are part of EEA.Dont forget that!! Minister-That is a good idea!! LB-They might protest, fast, but i know how to handle them.We always have the immigration trump card.Didn't you watch the news about illegal immigrants in prison. Minister-But what is the connection between the two? LB-we can always make a connection, also some of my nationalist party colleagues, want to classify all immigration illegal.you can see that in their websites. Minister-What if our graduates don't get jobs because of EU. LB-we will think about it in a few years time and make some new rules. Minister-Lord B, you are such a clever person. LB-I know, i am a LORD. ha ha ha
  14. I agree with the point raised by of Gulley Jimson that restrictions should be put in place to protect the local workforce.It was also rightly pointed out that the changes were put in place too quickly. I have to point out that not only western nations, all societies in the world including the primitive ones will try to protect it's self interest.I do not not see any qualitative difference, may be quantitative.Only difference is that ,it is not disguised in the some clever ideas like equal opportunity( if people agreed it existed ,anyway)How else can you rationalise- same job which did not require work permit and was classified as training, require work permit now , just to suit the situation.Majority of the doctors who came over were economic migrants, which the home office was aware, but happy to issue work permit free training visa, which states that one has to go back after the visa period.Now suddenly people talk about brain drain and other things, forgetting the reverse drains in the past. Clever arugements and rules does not disguise the fact. Please wake up,come out the delusions,stop preaching the world about democracy ,after all might is right , even if applied in a so called polite way.IS IT NOT?
  15. well said docsanju2003 The most realistic way to find out what its like working as psychiatrist in India after having a UK degree is to go back and find it for oneself.