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  1. Why don't you try for yourself? No matter what others say, like so far you have heard mixed stories, but your question is still not answered. Always relying on the view of others is something, as Indians, is difficult to move away from!
  2. This topic has been quite for a long time. Is it because, no more UK qualified psychs are looking to move to Oz or NZ anymore?
  3. Makara, I don't think you have to sit for further exams if you apply through substantial comparative pathway. I am not sure what the demand for Old age is in Oz. I am still in NZ, will finish my advanced training only next year, when I will explore options. About schooling, NZ is backward. My friends who work in Oz say the schools there are quite good. There are more private schools in Australia, with varying fee structure. You may have to shell out up to 30k for the best ones and the cheapest 5k/year depending on which state you live. There are several others in between in terms of fee. Have you completed all exams in the UK?
  4. Hi, any progress with your fellowship approval in the UK? I am finishing fellowship next yearand looking for some advice before I start the process.
  5. JHi Fawaz, just thought of dropping you a line. You had provided me lot of info few years ago about RANZCP when I decided to move to NZ. Thanks to you. All going well I will be finishing my AT in forensic late next year. 

    Now, I am trying to getsome idea from you about situation in oz for consultant jobs? How easy to get in etc.


  6. I am curious to hear about how is it working in Ireland as a Consultant?
  7. what is the middle grade locum rates these days?
  8. I will be completing FRANZCP training by end of next year in NZ. I wrote to RCPsych UK and they advised me to apply to GMC via cesr what was called article 14 in the past. There is no direct equivalence. Can I ask your reasons for wanting to return back?
  9. Most people who move to Oz are pretty happy with money and life style. I am keen to get back for various other reasons like family, to enjoy our investments in Europe etc. I can't stand reptiles and snakes, not that you find them everyday in the city. I have been TO Oz few times and there appears to be more vibrance and life. UK is central and there is no feelng of isolation. It matters only if you are frequent travelleR. If you have no strings in the UK, it makes it easier to adjust in Australasia or depends on what your priorities are. With regards to exams, RANZCP wants it's traninees to become more wiser. So they have changed the system saying exams are aimed at the 'Junior consultant level'. I am doing OSCE in April as I missed narrowly last year. With the 2012 competency based training, OSCE should be passed by end of 5 years though can be taken at any time during your training. I was transitioned to new system only last December. There are several EPA's, scholarly project, psychotherapy write up and the list goes on. Luckily I was allowed to carry over most of what was one in Basic training. Written exam is split into 2 parts and can be taken at different times. When I did in 2013, I had to pass them all together. What I can now say is several of the trainees in my hospital have failed in the modified essay questions and most managed to pass the EMQ paper. Unlike UK there are not many courses that offer past questions. OSCE from April this year would have 3 long stations and 8 short stations. I beleive PC is very important to pass OSCE. Let me know what your other friends think of Oz.
  10. I am in NZ. LD is not a subspecialty here or with ranzcp. Demand for old age is always high with the above 65 population meant to increase considerably by 2020. I have had enough of NZ and will be returning back to England after I finish my advanced training by end of next year. If you are planning to try work in Oz it is worth to visit and see how you feel. System is pretty much the same as UK but with much less resources at least in NZ. I am doing forensic but people here choose general adult more than other subspecialty. I am sorry I cannot be of much help for working in Oz. I almost left NZ to work in Oz couple of times in the past few years but I withdrew as training needs are more easily completed in NZ.
  11. What is LLams?
  12. You have to start from basic training and apply for retrospective accreditation of basic training (sounds easy than reality) and sit for both ranzcp written and OSCE. If I was you I would complete cct first.
  13. Yeah, this website came up in google search. I did write to the email given on the website, but have not received any reply. I can understand why. I am doing RANZCP training and have passed the written and completed basic training. I am sure this is not the situation they would have thought of, when I asked them if I would be eligible to sit for their OSCE based on RANZCP exams? Also I am not sure if this OSCE is for only trainess in Ireland?
  14. MAOI is the first line according to RANZCP guidelines
  15. Answer is ACE inhibitor, as answered by RANZCP in one of their exams.