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  1. I am not aware of any other family members of missing children who rely on the public to pay their mortgage
  2. When are this and Diana's stories going to stop making headlines ?
  3. a one off. No money manager, although if your bank don't offer a letting fee service and you have to remortgage I would get an independent Financial advisor. The BMA ones are reasonable
  4. The JK show is the lowest form of TV I've ever seen. Worse than Celebrity Love Island, worse than the Osbournes
  5. It depends on Subscriptions and Additional income
  6. I asked for a letting consent from Alliance and Leicester which cost me 125 pounds. Didn't need to change mortgages. As I had lived in the flat for 3 years I was allowed to rent it for 3 years without incurring Capital Gains Tax.
  7. 2 world cups in a row would be amazing, especially given the awful form inbetween
  8. It's interesting how every so often something happens which grabs the attention of people more than similar cases, such as the Falconio case (people go missing in the outback all the time), the Kensal green lawyer (people get stabbed in London all the time), and Madeline. The only similarity is the victim being white middle class. If your patient does something on leave, my guess is you'll get into more trouble if the victim is white middle class. I guess the media can relate to it more, this could happen to our family kinda way.....
  9. I chose mine after the first name of the best LD SpR I know
  10. What happens if you leave the NHS for longer than 12 months ?
  11. all symptoms tell you is degree. they tell you nothing about nature. the tribunal will not discharge a homeless man with a risky history for example just because he is not symptomatic
  12. I have never met an amisulpiride or citalopram rep, yet they are the psychotropics i have prescribed most.I have had lots of abilify sponsored salmon, and have never prescribed it
  13. Angelina Jolie Also all big brother contestants I thought you were gonna suggest PDs for medical students as in 'every medical student should have one'.
  14. I do find it odd though that 150 quid/ month or so (few interest rate rises) tips the balance. If you're gonna mortgage youself up to within an inch of your incoming money you've been very silly indeed
  15. it's worth waiting 6 months and seeing what happens